52 Money Save Ways: Week 35: Carefully Shop The Dollar Store

52 Money Save Ways: Week 35: Carefully Shop The Dollar Store

Welcome back for another week of Money Save Ways tips! I can’t believe it has been 35 weeks already since I started writing this series! It’s amazing that there are just so many ways to save money that I could go on forever! If you are following along with the 52 Week Money Challenge, you should deposit $35 into your savings this week or, if you are doing the challenge in reverse, deposit $22 into your 52 week challenge jar.

52 Money Save Ways Week 35 carefully shop the dollar store


52 Money Save Ways: Week 35: Carefully Shop The Dollar Store

Pretty much everyone knows that the dollar store can really save you a lot of money. This is almost a no-brainer, but did you know that in order to maximize your savings, you need to be aware of what to get there and what is often a better deal elsewhere. Also, The Dollar Tree takes manufacturer’s coupons now, so this can make BIG savings if you use them!


Some good deals at the dollar store:

Party Supplies– These are usually much cheaper than the party supply store, just be sure to take advantage of the best deals and watch package sizes

Dishes– This is usually a pretty good deal. Often, you can buy just what you need and create a complete set for less than buying a set at the store already packaged.

Some personal care items– Cotton swabs, hair ties, toothpaste and deodorant can all be good buys. You can also get ovulation predictors as well as pregnancy tests there as well!

Kitchen supplies– Some kitchen supplies can be amazing buys, especially if you have a coupon. Looks for items such as wax paper, aluminum foil, zipper bags and so on. However, never buy knives there as they are dull and that can be dangerous.


Things to steer clear of as they are often not so great deals:


Paper products- You will often pay more than you will at a at place like Walmart for items like paper towels and toilet paper.

Snacks and canned goods– These are often tricky. Canned goods are almost never a good deal at the dollars store because most times, at a regular grocery store you will find them less than a dollar. Snacks can be tricky because they fool you buy placing less product in a larger box. Make sure you examine units or the amount in the package or box to determine if it is a good deal or not.

Office supplies/back to school supplies. These are another tricky deal as well. It can seem like they are cheaper, but in reality, if you stock up during back to school sales, you should be able to get them for far cheaper than the prices at the dollar store. Additionally, often the supplies sold at the dollar store are of very poor quality as well.


Want to check out some of the deals? We have matchups for:

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What are some of your favorite buys at the dollar store? Do you use coupons there? I would love to hear how you maximize savings at your local dollar store!


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