52 Money Save Ways: Week 26: Cloth Diapering

52 Money Save Ways: Week 26: Cloth Diapering

52 Money Save Ways: Week 26: Cloth Diapering

We are smack dab in the middle of the year and in week 26 into our Money Save Ways tips series. I hope you are following along and doing the 52 Week Money challenge! It is not too late to start, either! If you are following along, you should put $26 into your 52 week money jar and if you are doing this challenge in reverse, you should deposit $28 into your jar. They are almost equal amounts! I am so excited to see it add up! Here is this week’s Money Save Way tip.


52 Money Save Ways: Week 26: Cloth Diapering

While this tip doesn’t apply to everyone, I wanted to highlight is because it is a very important way you can save money if you have a baby or toddler still in diapers. Many people think that cloth diapering is gross, doesn’t save all that much money or is not practical. Let me dispel some of those myths.

#1 It won’t save me that much money because the price of cloth diapers is a lot. While it is true that cloth diapering requires a large investment at first, it will save you so much more in the long run. You won;’t have to buy diapers for years. That is hundreds of dollars saved and it can even help get you toddler potty trained faster. This is due to the fact that they can better feel the uncomfortable wetness in a cloth diaper so they may be more willing to train sooner.

#2 It is so inconvenient! It really isn’t anymore. There are so many kinds of cloth diapers out there.There are disposable and washable liners to help you get more mileage out of your diapers as well. The way our parents or our grandparents cloth diapered is not the same any more! there are even cloth diapers with velcro and snaps so no need to even buy pins!

#3 I can’t handle that! It’s too icky! This is probably the number one reason many parents choose to go with disposibles. In reality, it isn’t as messy as it seems. You can buy a sprayer for your toilet that helps remove solid waste so you never have to touch it. You can do your laundry every day so it never sits around for long periods of time. You can even order a service that does the dirty work for you and brings back fresh diapers. And really, when you think about it, let’s be honest with ourselves. Unless you are walking each and every diaper outside to your trash can, you have dirty disposibles in your garbage, too, and really, there is pretty much no parent on the planet that has escaped parenthood without some sort of ick factor.

How much can you save? Like I said in #1, you can literally save HUNDREDS of dollars over the course of even your child’s first year in diapers. Why not give it a try?


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