52 Money Save Ways: Week 33: Use Less

Money save ways week 33 use less

52 Money Save Ways: Week 33: Use Less

Welcome to another Money Save Way tip! This weekly tip series is to help you have a better year, financially with ways you can save money on many areas of your life. We into week 33 and if you are following along with the 52 week money challenge, make sure you put $33 into savings and if you are going in reverse, $24. Let’s look at another way to save money; use less.

This week we're talking about spending less in the 52 Week Challenge for Money Save Ways tips!! Less IS more!

52 Money Save Ways: Week 33: Use Less

Will this may seem like a very simplistic tip, it may not be what it seems. Sure, you can use less of things buy not buying items that are not truly necessary, but I am not even really talking about that. I am more talking about the fact that most people use too much of the normal, everyday household goods when it is not really necessary to do so. Using less may not seem like it will save you a lot in the long run, but it really can make a huge difference in the frequency you need to buy certain things, thus cutting down on how much you spend over time.

Here are some common household products and the correct amount you need in order to get the job done in most cases. These are items that people typically use too much of. It may take a while to get used to this scaling back, but it can really make a huge difference in your wallet:

Shampoo/Conditioner– For shampoo, most people only need a dime sized amount and for conditioner, try a quarter sized amount. The trick with using only this much shampoo is to lather it a bit in your hands first before applying.

Tooth Paste– Use a little larger than a pea-sized amount. Most of us think we need to use as much as what is typically shown on packages, but this is simply too much.

Dish Soap– You really only need about a tablespoon of soap for a regular sink full and maybe an extra tablespoon if things are really grimy and greasy. It may seem like not enough since we are used to lots of bubbles, but it really isn’t the bubbles that get the job done, but the cleaning agents.

Laundry Soap– Most people fill the cap full and dump that into their washer. Unless your clothing is very soiled, that is often way more than is necessary. Just like with the dish soap, we have been trained to associate suds with cleaning, but using about half of a cap is usually more than enough for a regular load of clothing.

Mouthwash– Many people just use a cap-full of mouthwash and call it good. This is usually almost twice what you actually need. If you don;t leave room to do the swishing, you aren’t being as effective as you could. So use less for more effective cleaning and better money saving.

Cooking Oil– Unless you are deep frying, for most saute jobs, you only need a couple tablespoons of cooking oil. The cooking oil in this instance is more for making sure things don’t stick, so don’t add more than you need.


Cutting back on these items not only will save you some money, but it is often better for the environment or your health, too. These are just some of the most common household products that are over-used. Look for more ways you can use less to save more around your home!


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