52 Money Save Ways: Week 10: Cut Your Own Hair

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52 Money Save Ways: Week 10: Cut Your Own Hair

We are back for another week of Money Save Ways tips. Can you believe we are already in week 10? If you are following along, this is a supplement to the 52 week money challenge. This week, make sure to deposit $10 into your savings or $43 if you are doing it in reverse.


52 Money Save Ways: Week 10: Cut your Own Hair

This tip is a great one since we are heading into warmer weather and you are probably looking at trying to revamp your look. You don’t have to be a super stylist to trim bangs or do minor things, but if you are looking for an entirely new cut, I would suggest going to a beauty college and asking them to do it. Using a beauty school is a very low cost way to color, highlighting, cut and style your locks. You can usually save 50-75% off salon visits and the students always work under licensed instructors. They usually require appointment, though, so make one in advance.

If you have boys in your home or you have a very short hairstyle yourself, cutting your own hair is a great option to save on trims and visits to your hairstylist. I suggest getting someone to help you, especially in the back. There are many youtube videos that can help with styling men’s or women’s short haircuts so take a peek at them before you begin.

When my boys were younger I cut their hair- all the way up until they were about 5-6 years old. I would have kept doing it, but the hubby said they needed to go to a “real barber”.  Humph… I thought I was doing a good job 😉

One tool that is important to have when trimming or styling your own hair is a good trimmer. The Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit is a good place to start. The reason a good trimmer is important is because if you don’t have a good one, you may end up clogging your trimmer faster and it will get dull fast. It is also vital that you oil and lubricate it on a regular basis.

Cutting your hair at home or at least visiting a beauty school for your hair cuts can really save you hundreds of dollars a year, depending on your family size, so it really is worth it.

Do you do this? If not, what’s stopping you from cutting your hair at home?

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