52 Money Save Ways: Week 3, Buy Seasonings in Bulk

buy in bulk, tips for buying in bulk, money saving ways, money tips

buy in bulk, tips for buying in bulk, money saving ways, money tips

Welcome back to another week of “Money Save Ways” tips. If you have been following along these past couple weeks, you know that the series is a supplement to the 52 Week Money Challenge and will be each week with a new money-saving tip to help make it easier to put more money away for the challenge.

If you are new, the reason the series is called “Money Save Ways” tips is because the old way was the Money Spend Way. These tips will help transform how you save money and hopefully make a big impact with small changes.

Check out my update for Week 3 of the 52 Week Money Challenge!

This week’s tip is Buying Seasonings and Spices in Bulk.

Any cook worth his (or her) salt has a bunch of seasonings in their pantry. (No pun intended!) You may have your basics like chilli powder, garlic powder, Italian seasoning and onion salt, but long to try something new and interesting. One of the biggest reasons for this may be a price issue. Seasonings and spices can get quite spendy!

You can save so much money if you invest in a good set of spice jars and buy in bulk. This is one way you can really keep your grocery bill down in a huge way because the savings are so big, it might cost you mere cents for months worth of spices. That’s right, you are being way over-charged for spices.

To get spices in bulk, buy them at health and whole foods stores, typically. You pay for just what you need and I have never paid more than $2.00 for spices when I buy in bulk. The best part of this, is, not only do you save a lot, but many times, the spices are organic in nature and much fresher.

Some spices are so cheap, they will be less than a dollar. Something I used frequently is dried chives. Because they are so light, I can buy a large sized bag of them for around 50 cents. This would cost me over $4.00 normally for 1/10 of what I get buying in bulk.

Buying spices in bulk also allows you to save money on seasoning mixes like pumpkin pie spice, taco seasoning and so on. You can buy the ingredients to make these seasonings and mix them up in your kitchen rather than paying for convenience.

Join me next week for another “Money Save Ways” tip. If you are following the 52 Week Money Challenge, you should deposit $3 into your savings this week or $50 if you are doing it in reverse.

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