52 Money Save Ways: Week 27: Store Food Properly

52 Money Save Ways: Week 27: Store Food Properly

Welcome to another week on Money Save Ways tips! I hope you are having a wonderful summer so far. This week is week 27 of our tips and if you are following along, you should add $27 to your 52 week money jar. If you are doing the 52 week money challenge in reverse, add the same amount, $27. We are halfway through our year and our challenge. Can you believe it? Let’s look at another way you can save money; proper storage of your food.

52 Money Save Ways: Week 27: Store Food Properly


52 Money Save Ways: Week 27: Store Food Properly

This may not seem like much of a money-saving tip, but when you consider how much waste you create from improper food storage on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis, you are literally throwing away money in the garbage. So here are some tips to get the most out of your food and keep it fresher, longer.

Know what should be refrigerated and what is better left out at room temperature. For instance, many people store tomatoes in the fridge, but they actually ripen slower at room temperature. To make them last even longer, store them stem down.

Don’t wash your produce until you are using it. any extra water will just make it rot faster.

Store mushrooms in a paper bag rather than a plastic one from the store. Remove them from the foam carton if you buy them in pint sizes and store in the paper bag as well.

Store food in plastic or glass containers if you can. Most packaging you buy food in is just for sale’s sake and not really a long-term storage solution. Invest in some air-tight containers for things like flour, sugar, cereal, rice, pasta and baking supplies. you will find that not only do they stay fresher longer, but this also keep pests away.

Use your freezer whenever you can. Almost anything can be frozen and unless you plan on using something right away, it should be frozen. You can also snag great deals on bread, milk and butter and freeze them long-term in your freezer. They will taste the same as long as they are not kept in the freezer for very long periods of time. In fact, it is a great idea to get a second freezer just for stocking up when these sales happen.

Date your leftovers and have a plan in mind for them when you make them. This way, there will be no unpleasant surprises when it comes time to clean out the fridge and you, as well as your family, will know if something is still good or not.


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