What to Buy in November

What to buy in November

The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting chillier, but that doesn’t mean the sales stop!

This is one of the best times of the year to save on many things, and I am so excited to get started!

Here are some things you can save money on in November! Check out the monthly savings guide on what to buy in November. 

What to buy in November


What to Buy in November

Cookware– This is the perfect time to update your scratched and old cookware, including bakeware. With so much cooking and baking going on for the holidays, retailers slash prices on the items you need, from small kitchen gadgets to larger items like pot and pan sets and even small appliances. Start looking for the best deals as we head into Black Friday.

Christmas decor– To kick off the Holiday season, most retailers started putting out holiday decor a month ago. However, beginning in the first week of November, many of them, especially places like drug stores, offer 40-50% off this holiday stuff to get you excited. If you hope to add new things to your decor, doing it now is usually the best pre-Christmas time. Be aware, though, that the best prices are after Christmas.

Candy-If you haven’t already, make sure you stock up on leftover heaps of Halloween candy that most retailers have the first week of the month. You will sometimes see sales as much as 90% off, especially if it is specifically Halloween-themed.

Small electronics– Small laptops usually go on sale for Black Friday, so if you have your eye on a mini-laptop or min-tablet, look for great deals on these electronics starting on Black Friday.

Anything wedding related– The big season for weddings has fallen off, but if you are planning a winter wedding or even one this coming spring, make sure you look for hot deals on wedding dresses, decor, and so on. This is the slow season, and bridal shops have a surplus from the summer they are slashing prices on. This is also a great time to look at prom dresses at these stores if you have a Senior. Many bridesmaid dresses work wonderfully as prom gowns.


Groceries to buy in November

Turkeys- This is a given, but getting the best price on one can be a bit tricky, even so. Watch out for sales on turkeys that offer one free for spending a certain amount, and get one when you buy your regular groceries.

Also, compare prices as they can be vastly different and as stores compete heavily for your business.

Produce to buy– Pears, cranberries, kiwi, endive, sweet potatoes, yams, and squash

Watch for sales such as Veteran’s Day that happen the first and second week of the month.


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