52 Money Save Ways: Week 32: Get Amazon Prime

52 Money Save Ways:Week 32: Get Amazon Prime

52 Money Save Ways: Week 32: Get Amazon Prime

Welcome to another week of Money Save Ways tips! This series, which has been going on for the last 32 weeks (can you believe it?), is to help you on your journey as you do the 52 Week Money Challenge! Even if you are not doing the challenge, you can look forward to 52 money saving tips by the end of the year! If you are following along, make sure to deposit $32 into your 52 week challenge money jar or $25 if you are doing the challenge in reverse.

52 Money Save Ways:Week 32: Get Amazon Prime


52 Money Save Ways: Week 32: Get Amazon Prime

If you do any shopping online, especially on Amazon, you will want to get Amazon Prime. Not only will you save money on your Amazon purchases with shipping (you get FREE 2 day shipping on any products fulfilled by Amazon with Prime membership), but you can save money in many areas of your life with Amazon Prime. Here’s how:

Save on entertainment with a Prime membership. You can steam thousands of movies and TV shows with an Amazon Prime membership with no monthly fees since you buy membership one year at a time! You can also get thousands of books to borrow on your Kindle, from classics, to cooking and even new releases! Additionally, you can now download thousands of songs in mp3 format for free!

Subscribe and Save on hundreds of household products like diapers, toilet paper, personal care and even groceries! With an Amazon Prime membership, you save 20% off these items when you subscribe to 5 of them. You choose the frequency and amount of each product and you never have to buy them at the store again! Plus, you get the free 2 day shipping on them!

The fee for Amazon Prime is $99 a year  (however they do have a 1 month FREE trial membership). While this seems like it might be a lot, it really isn’t when you consider all you get. For instance, if you cut just your cable bill because you now have the streaming capabilities, you just saved hundreds of dollars a year!

I have the Amazon Prime membership (I was able to get the student price) and it’s worth every penny. Especially around Christmas time!

Do you have an Amazon Prime membership? I would love to hear how it saves you money!


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