Ways To Save Money At Water Parks

Ways To Save Money At Water Parks

Ways To Save Money At Water Parks

Every kid loves a dip in the pool in the heat of summer, but nothing is as fun as hitting the local water park for a day of rafting on the lazy river, shooting down water slides and splashing each other for hours.  While your kids may be begging you to plan a Water Park trip, your budget may be saying no.  That is where we come into the picture with our Ways To Save Money At Water Parks. Not only will our tips save you money now, but they could make it possible to spend extra time at the park with your kids.

Ways To Save Money At Water Parks


Choose A Resort.  There are many great water parks that are actually a part of a great vacation resort location.  Not only can you find a reasonably priced luxury room to stay in for a few nights, you have restaurants and all the fun of a theme park in one location.

Book Through Deal Sites.  We love using Living Social, Amazon Local and Groupon to scout out local amusement and water park deals.  These are especially great for end of season or off season deals!

Pack Your Own Snacks.  If you are going to be there for just the day, make sure to pack your own snacks.  In park concessions can add up fast.  Check with the park rules and see if you can bring a cooler in with you.  If not, find out if they allow readmission with a stamp or ticket.  You can easily go back out to your car for a quick lunch or snack break then go back into the park afterwards for more fun in the water.

Buy A Season Pass.  Often times you won’t be able to take in everything in one single day.  Buying multiple day passes is usually much more expensive than simply investing in a season pass up front.  Check prices and determine if it will be worthwhile for your family to upgrade to a season pass this year.

Go In A Group.  Are you part of a local MOPS group, Homeschool group, church group or daycare?  If so, find out the discount offered for going in groups.  Group rates on passes can often save up to 50% off your ticket price.  Gather up friends, family or other group members and enjoy the savings.

No matter which of these methods you put into practice, going to a water park doesn’t have to break the bank.  It can be a great fun filled vacation, one day event or a weekly treat for your kids during warm weather.  Use our ways to save money at water parks to make your summer fun events that much more fun!

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