52 Money Save Ways: Week 30: Skip Disposable

52 Money Save Ways: Week 30: Skip Disposable

52 Money Save Ways: Week 30: Skip Disposable

Thanks for joining week 30 of the Money Save Ways tips series! I can’t believe it’s been 30 weeks already! If you are joining us for the 52 Week Money Challenge, this week you should deposit $30 into your savings or $27 if you are doing the challenge in reverse. Let’s discuss another way to save money!


52 Money Save Ways: Week 30: Skip Disposable

In our world, we have become more of a throw away society. Not only is this bad news for the environment, but it can be bad news for our wallets, too. Think about it; you are basically buying something that will go in the garbage very shortly after you purchase it. Essentially you are throwing money away. Here are some ways to make the switch to longer lasting solutions or get more use out of things so you can lighten your wallet.


Make your own “fabric softener” sheets if you really just dig the smells and that is why you buy them. This can be easily done by adding a few drops of essential oils to a washcloth or rag that you throw in with your clothes as they are drying.

Skip paper towels or at least lower your consumption of them. I knwo around here, we can easily go through a roll every couple days if we are not mindful of it. I stopped using paper towels for things that didn’t nessisarily require them. I use washable rags instead.

Don’t buy Swiffer pad refills. I use rags for this as well. A washcloth is actually the perfect size for a Swiffer mop. Just tuck it in the little grippers and spray your floor down.

Instead of using disposable razors, consider investing in an electric razor or a really good razor that can be sharpened. You will get much more use out of it before it needs to be replaced than the disposable kind.

This last suggestion might not be your thing, but it is definetly worth a shot if you are trying to save money. Stop buying maxi pads and tampons. They  are getting outrageously priced lately and you can use things such as cloth pads (often referred to as “mama cloth”) that you wash and reuse similar to the way people do with cloth diapers and something like the Diva Cup that is basically a device that you use similar to a diaphram that you use over and over. Both are economical choices.


Did you miss some weeks? Make sure to check out past weeks for more great money save ways tips!



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