52 Money Save Ways: Week 7: Drink More Water

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Thanks for joining another week of Money Saving tips. This weekly series with Money Save Ways tips is a companion to the 52 Week Money Challenge. If you are following along, this week, you should deposit $7 into your savings or $46 if you are doing it in reverse.

52 Money Save Ways: Week 7: Drink More Water

Drinking more water might seem like a healthy living tip more than a money saving way, but doing so can not only reward your health, but your wallet. The obvious savings is, water is “free”. While it is true you pay a water bill each month, it will still be cheaper to drink water than other choices such as soda or juice.

One way water can save you so much is when you eat out. If you skip sodas for meals eaten out, you can save $10 or more on your bill, depending on how many people are in your family. Let’s say you eat out twice a month. This is a $20 savings per month and a $240 savings for the year! Who knew that that little soda was costing you so much!

If the water where you are is not very good out of the tap, consider getting a filtered pitcher. This is a small investment that really pays off when you drop soda from your normal grocery bill. Sure, you can still have some soda or juice, but it should be a treat, not a staple.

If the idea of drinking so much water with no taste does not appeal to you, try adding a lemon to it. You can also make cucumber water by just adding a few slices of cucumbers to your plain water to make it instantly refreshing and flavorful.

Another option for adding flavor or for those that find it too hard to totally give up soda but still want to save money if to buy a pop making machine such as the Sodastream. You will be using water from your tap and adding bubbles to it and flavor. It is far cheaper than buying pop in the can and will save you money in the long run.


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