52 Money Save Ways: Week 24: Shop Farmer’s Markets

52 Money Save Ways: Week 24: Shop Farmer’s Markets

Now that we are halfway through the month of June, I thought this would be a fitting tip for this time of year. If you are new to the Money Save Ways series, this series is to accompany the 52 Week Money Challenge and hopefully give you some tips on saving money while you stash a little bit away each week. If you are following along with the challenge, make sure to deposit $24 into your savings or #30 if you are following in reverse!

52 Money Save Ways: Week 24: Shop Farmer's Markets

52 Money Save Ways: Week 24: Shop Farmer’s Markets

Farmer’s Markets are not only a fun, relaxing activity you can do with your family, but you can really save a lot of money by shopping at them! Here are some reasons to shop Farmer’s Markets and how they will save you money! Here in my city, I like to shop at Horrock’s Farm Market. I love their prices on produce. Plus you can score free coffee/tea while shopping and FREE Wine Tasting.

You can get organic and local produce for the same or less cost than factory farmed products in stores. This is probably one of the best ways you can save money at farmer’s markets! If you are in the market for organic produce or grass fed/free range meat, this is your best bet for getting it at a low price. Since there is usually little overhead with smaller farmers and the food does not have to be transported far, farmers really can sell at very good rates.

Farmer’s markets allow you to negotiate on price. Often, since you will most likely be dealing with the owner of the farm first hand at the market, he or she may be willing to strike deals with you. This is often best done on days where the market maybe was less busy such as cloudy or rainy days or even towards the end of the day when the farmer is just trying to sell as much as he can so he can save himself form having to pack it up and take it back with him.

Farmer’s markets set up a really competitive market place and often you will find venders that have similar items for sale “battling” for the lowest price or they are very close in price to each other. Keep in mind that most food sold at the market is locally grown and/ or produced, so you could get a really great deal on some very fresh goods for way less than you would pay for it in the store. Also, many of these smaller farmers do not have the money to get USDA certified as being organic so they may in fact grow organically but just not have the official label.


What are some of your favorite things to buy at the farmer’s market? I would love to hear about your favorite local finds in the comments!


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