52 Money Save Ways : Week 40: Gas Reward Programs

Money save ways week 40 gas reward programs

52 Money Save Ways : Week 40: Gas Reward Programs

Welcome to week 40 of the Money Save Ways post series! This series is designed to teach you ways to save money in your day to day life to improve your financial well-being. It is also help accompany the 52 Week Money Challenge. If you are following along, make sure to place $40 into your 52 Week Challenge jar or $17 if you are doing the challenge in reverse. Let’s get onto this week’s tip; Gas Reward Programs.

Money save ways week 40 gas reward programs


52 Money Save Ways : Week 40: Gas Reward Programs

Gas Reward Programs are an amazing way to save money. With gas prices soaring, any amount you can save on gas is helpful. Here are some ways you can save on these gas reward programs.

Grocery Stores– Many grocery store chains such as Safeway, Albertson’s, Fred Meyer, and even Costco have programs designed to help you save at the pump just for shopping in their stores. Some of these programs are so good you can save up to $1.00 per gallon. Most of them work on a points system, whereby you gain points for every dollar you spend in store. After a certain amount of points, you can start to save 10 cents (typically) per gallon. Even if you just do this level, and you have a 15 gallon tank that you fill each week, you are saving $6. While this may not seem like a lot, but over a year, that is $60. Many of these grocery stores also give bonus points on certain days so you can get points for spending less in many cases.

Gas Stations– Some gas station chains such as 76 and Speedway, offer their own programs that allow you to get free gas by way of a points system. Some even allow you to get points by making any purchase in the store. At select times and select stores, you may even be able to use your gas rewards membership card to enter contests for free merchandise and gasoline.

Credit Cards– Some credit cards, especially those offered by gas stations, allow you to get cash back on gas purchases. This in turn reimburses you for your gas purchases.


Do you use these gas rewards programs? What are some ways that you maximize them?

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