The Best Tips + Strategies on How To Save Money at Meijer

Are you a Meijer shopper? Then you need to read these best tips and strategies on how to save money at Meijer.

Get the best bang for your buck when shopping at Meijer when you follow these saving strategies. 

Are you a Meijer shopper? Then you need to read these best tips and strategies on how to save money at Meijer. Get the best bang for your buck when shopping at Meijer when you following these saving strategies. 

The Best Tips + Strategies on How To Save Money at Meijer

I’ve been a Meijer shopper for years. A few years ago, I branched out on this blog to focus on sharing the best of what Meijer offers.

There are so many ways you can save money at Meijer, and I’ve compiled this list of the best tips and ways to save the most money at Meijer below!

  1. Always READ your coupons. Do not count on the picture to tell you how to use the coupon. READ the actual language on the coupon. Pay attention to expiration dates, how many coupons can be used, etc.
  2.  You can STACK a STORE coupon and a MANUFACTURER coupon together. When you have the opportunity to stack your coupons, this will help you save even more money! This applies to stacking a Meijer STORE digital coupon offer with a manufacturer coupon.
  3. Just because you have a coupon doesn’t mean you should use it. Only use a coupon when it’s going to SAVE you the most money. Using a coupon when an item is on sale or store promotion is preferred.
  4. You cannot use a coupon on a FREE item at Meijer.
  5. When a Buy 1, Get 1 FREE sale is going on, you can still only use one coupon- that coupon will be applied to the item you are paying for (not the free one).
  6. Sign up for the Meijer mPerk program. If you are not using the mPerk coupon offers Meijer gives, you are missing out. Meijer is getting better at offering mPerk offers that are tailored to what you buy. So, sign up! Learn more about the Meijer mPerk program here. 
  7. When using a mPerk on a Buy 1, Get 1 FREE – make sure the digital coupon comes off the item you are buying. Many shoppers have reported the mPerk coupon coming off the free item, which doesn’t make any sense- but that could be something triggering that on Meijer’s registers.
  8. Just because it’s a good price doesn’t mean you should buy it. Make a budget and stick to it.
  9. Meijer sends out FREE coupons every month at the beginning of each month. These coupons vary by month and user. (All Meijer shoppers WILL not receive these). You can read about how to get the free coupons here.
  10. The NUMBER ONE way to save money and cut down on your grocery bill is to do meal plans. I post weekly meal plans based on the Meijer Weekly ad (no coupons needed). See this week’s and previous meal plans here.
  11. Always put your mPerk number in when purchasing items, including at the gas station. If you forget to put your mPerk number in at the register, you can add it later using the Meijer app (snapping a photo).
  12. Meijer changed their coupon policy. You can only use 2 “LIKE” coupons in the same transaction. This also applies to the mPerk coupons. For example, if you have (2) $2/1 Tide coupons and the same (1) $2/1 Tide coupon in your mPerk account, and they are all manufacturer coupons, you will only be allowed to use TWO of the SAME coupon.
  13. The Meijer U-Scans (at many stores) have limited shoppers to not using a coupon that’s valued over $5 bucks. So, if you have a coupon over $5 bucks, you must use it at a regular lane. All stores do not have this option in place, but it is coming.
  14. Look for price drops. Meijer drops prices on quite a few items throughout the week. These price drops will last longer than the regular weekly ad deals. We share quite a few of those, especially when they are a good deal!
  15. Have your coupons ready when you get to the register. I personally do not hand over my coupons until the very end.
  16. Know the value amount of your coupons before handing them to the cashier. You want to make sure the right amount comes off at the end, and having your coupons organized and knowing what coupons you handed over to them will help you in the long run.
  17. Another tip: you can hand your coupons over to the cashier one by one to make sure every one of the coupons comes off. (I use the U-Scan to avoid this 90% of the time).
  18. Always be up-to-date with the store’s coupon policy before going to the store. Many cashiers and even managers do not know the accurate coupon policy and will make something up or give inaccurate information. Know the policy in and out. Have a copy of the policy on hand, or have the digital version bookmarked to pull it up easily.
  19. Leave coupons you will not use on the shelf so other Meijer shoppers can save some money. (this is called being a coupon fairy).
  20. Shop early. If it’s a good sale week, shop early. Many shoppers have noted their store runs out of stock mid-week or before the weekend.
  21. Did you know that Meijer does not stock shelves for every product? Some brands send their own reps into the stores to stock them. Depending on the brand, it may not be Meijer’s fault why that certain granola bar brand or ice cream brand is not in stock.
  22. Check the clearance deals. Meijer has some AWESOME deals on clearance prices throughout the year. At the beginning of the year, you will find amazing deals on toys and clothes. In the middle of July, you will also find more amazing deals on toys.
  23. Look for clearance carts. You will find these carts in the bakery and produce section and on end caps at the back of the store (at least, this is where they are in my store). They will have bigger discounts on items that are close to the expiration date. You will find these to be in true for the meat department as well.
  24. Use the matchups to help you plan your list. Most of y’all are pros at putting together your own list with coupons. However, if you still need to use matchups to see what will pair well with coupons, you can use the Flipp app to get the Meijer ad + available coupons. You can also see what matchups we offer here on the blog. 
  25. mPerk only offers. Meijer has started to up their game when it comes to offering better mPerk offers. I offer weekly matchups of mPerk-only offers and post mPerk offers throughout the week. 
  26. Get a rain check when applicable. Meijer changed their policy in the last few years on how they handle rain checks. You can still get a rain check on some items, but not everything. Be sure to read the tag on the item (at the store) or in the weekly ad to see if an item you want a rain check for qualifies.
  27. The 10 for 10 sales are amazing. Once per month, Meijer has a 10 for 10, get the 11th free sale which we share on the blog. You will find over 100 items on sale for $1.00, and when you buy 10 of those items, you will get the 11th participating item for FREE. You can also use coupons on these deals. Remember that not every item is in the 10 for 10 sales, and many of these items are on sale for $1.00 or $1.09 daily. Also, watch your mPerk offers on the 10 for 10 sale as well. Sometimes the mPerk coupon attaches itself to the free one (which is weird and shouldn’t happen). Read more tips on how to shop the 10 for 10 sales. 
  28. Stack offers. One of the best ways I save money when using coupons at Meijer (or any store) is by doing this:
    1. Waiting for the item(s) to go on sale.
    2. Take advantage of the different promotions Meijer runs throughout the year (like the Buy 5, save $5, or Buy 4, save $4).
    3. Stack coupons: The item is on sale/promotion, and you use a coupon to lower that price. That item also has a Catalina offer, which lowers your overall price. Then if there is a rebate offer to redeem, you will save EVEN more money!
  29. Use rebates. Meijer is part of different rebate programs like Savingstar, Checkout51, Fetch, and Ibotta. Downloading these apps and taking advantage of these rebate offers will help you save money.
  30. Use the pharmacy to earn rewards. If you have to fill prescriptions, consider filling them at the Meijer pharmacy. Every time you fill a prescription, you will earn a point. Earn a $10 reward credit for every 5th prescription you fill at the Meijer Pharmacy!
  31. mPerk personalized rewards. When you use your mPerk account, you will earn rewards. You can get $4 off when you spend $200, etc. Your rewards will vary by account. You will also find rewards for a variety of things you may use (like a $5 off cleaning reward when you spend $30, etc.). Read more about how the mPerk personalized reward program works.
  32. Take advantage of the free Meijer mPerk offers. Meijer offers freebies throughout the year, so check that you have signed up for a mPerk account. Those mPerk coupons typically appear at midnight on a Saturday night. If you do see one, clip it right away. You will typically only have a few days to use the freebie, but the free offer disappears (if you didn’t clip it) within 24 hours.
  33. Black Friday sales. Many people don’t take advantage of the great Meijer Black Friday sales. They start on Thanksgiving Day and run through that Saturday. You can find great deals on electronics, clothes, cat litter, food, and more. We post those deals a few weeks before the big sale starts.
  34. Holiday offers. During the month of December, Meijer runs daily mPerk offers. You can find amazing deals on various items when you stack the sale price with the mPerk offer.
  35. Santa Bucks and Summer Bucks. During the holiday season, Meijer offers Santa Bucks. Santa Bucks are coupons that take off a nice chunk of change on an item. You can get $20 off an item that’s $99 or more. Not familiar with the Santa Bucks sale? Read my tips here on how the Santa Bucks work! Meijer also runs these same bucks sales in the summertime.
  36. Meijer weekend sales. Meijer has been known to offer fantastic weekend sales. Some sales are meh, while other sales are GREAT. We share those Meijer weekend sales when they are posted, highlighting the best deals of that sale.
  37. Invest in the Meijer Credit Card. You can earn additional rewards, and Meijer Credit Card offers only, including ways to save on gas.
  38. Meijer no longer accepts competitor coupons- “Meijer does not accept competitor coupons intended for redemption at other retailers.”
  39. You don’t have to buy in multiples. If an item is on sale 2 for $5.00 ($2.50 each), you can buy one item at $2.50 and get that price.
  40. Use the Meijer gift card promotions to save money! Meijer runs gift card promotions a few times throughout the year. One promotion they run is for every $50 you buy in select gift cards, you will get a $5 personalized reward in your mPerk account. (max of 10 reward offers. So a max of $50 bucks)
  41. Save money on Disney tickets with the gift card promotion offer. Here’s how that would work: for every $50 you buy in select gift cards, you will get a $5 personalized reward in your mPerk account. (max of 10 reward offers. So a max of $50 bucks)Let’s say you will be buying $500 worth of Disney tickets.
    First. Go to Meijer and buy $500 worth of Disney Gift Cards (you can buy them in $50 or $100 gift cards)
    Second. Pay $500 for those gift cards.
    Third. Within 24-48 hours, you will have $50 in your mPerk account to use (keep in mind these rewards WILL expire, so watch the expiration date).
    Fourth. Go to Disney’s site and buy your tickets. Or take the gift cards with you to Disney to use towards your tickets, merch, food, etc. You just saved $50 on Disney tickets.
  42. Use Meijer Curbside service to save time. Meijer will do the grocery shopping for you! You can use the Meijer Curbside service to save time and order your groceries.
  43. Or you can skip that and use Meijer’s Shipt program to deliver your groceries. Keep in mind that these prices will be slightly higher since this program is through a third-party service. Meijer pickup and delivery is free for members on orders of $35 or more. A $7 fee will be added to pickup and delivery orders less than $35.
  44. Roll Catalina offers. Catalina offers to come out by the brands, and Meijer also runs Catalina offers. It could be to buy 2 of this specific brand item and get a $1.00 OYNO (on your next order) Catalina back. You can take that $1.00 Catalina and apply to your next purchase. If it’s a brand Catalina promotion, you can roll the Catalina. This means you can take that $1.00 Catalina coupon and go back and repeat the same order, use that $1.00 Catalina coupon, and still get another $1.00 Catalina coupon to print out. (This does not apply to Meijer Catalina offers. Meijer Catalina coupons DO NOT roll).
  45. Use the Meijer preview. Meijer will post the new ad for the upcoming week on Friday. We share highlights from the preview and what to expect for the next week. I look at the ad every single Friday morning to see what coupons I need to order and make a list of things I need from the ad. It’s also good to look to see what’s on sale next week (just in case you need to run back to the store to buy stuff in the current week’s sale).
  46. Join a Meijer group on Facebook. Using social media platforms to connect to like-minded shoppers is another way to save money. Join a Meijer group to talk to other Meijer shoppers and share deals with each other. Join a good one HERE.
  47. Instagram is another place to find ways to save at Meijer. There are a lot of IG-only pages that share Meijer deals, especially those HOT-run deals. Use hashtags like #meijerdeals #meijercouponing to find good deals, and IG accounts to follow!

Whew! We made it to the end. Keep in mind this is a growing list. We will continue to add to this list as we think of different tips and strategies, policy changes, or you, the reader, offers things you do to save money at Meijer that are not on this list.

Did I miss something? If so, drop me a comment below and let me know the saving strategies at Meijer I need to add to this list.


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