1. Robin Hancock says:

    thanks for the info!! Love Mperks and save tons of money with your web site…..THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Robin Hancock says:

    there is no limit to how many rewards you pick?

  3. Once you have earned the rewards from each section do new reward offers become available?

  4. I really loved the rewards at first but the amount I have to spend just keeps going up until its unattainable. also need to be careful when using a reward and not spend much. I used a 20 dollar reward which took me close to $700 in purchases to earn reward on a jacket. the jacket was defective had to be returned. I lost the whole reward because I was sold crappy product. I called and complained and was given basicly the sorry bout your back luck routine. And to top it off that was the third jacket I had to return for a bad zipper in 2 months. way to go members!

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