Meijer: When Is The Santa Bucks Sale for 2020

When Is The Santa Bucks Sale

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When Is The Santa Bucks Sale

Meijer: When Is The Santa Bucks Sale 

For the 2020 Holiday season, we will see Santa Bucks TWICE this year. Last year Santa Bucks happened three times (2019). 

Because of the current pandemic, Meijer is doing things a little differently. We should expect to see the Santa Bucks extended over several days vs just two (or only on a weekend). 

Please, read this entire post before asking additional questions about the Santa Bucks sale. I believe I have covered everything.

The first Santa Bucks of the season will be 11/29-12/5/2020 (remember we will see Santa Bucks at least twice this season)

The LAST Santa Bucks of the 2020 Season will be 12/13-/12/19/2020! 

Meijer: When Is The Santa Bucks Sale 

Here’s how the Santa Bucks sale will work:

These Santa Bucks are a one time use. 

You will be able to clip these Santa Bucks coupons in your mPerk account on 12/13 at midnight. 

You will also find paper copies in the store. You cannot STACK the paper copy and the digital copy since they are the same coupon.

So get creative with all of the toy deals and electronic deals, you could score some nice deals.

Santa Bucks are activated anytime after 12 am. However, the sale items that are part of the another sale will not be active until 6 AM EST. This is a sale that will run the same week as Santa Bucks, starting at 6AM on 12/13, Sunday! 

  • Keep in mind the Santa Bucks are store coupons, so you can STACK them w/ manufacturer coupons (if applicable).
  • AND if you have other store mPerks (these Santa bucks will stack w/ those other mPerks too!!)
  • These are one-time use. So once you use them from your account, they are gone.
  • You cannot use several Santa Bucks on one item (like say you want to use a Santa Buck on a Television for $300. You will only be able to use ONE $20/1, Santa Bucks.)
  • You also cannot take several items that total $99.99 and use the $20 Santa Bucks coupon. It’s one coupon on ONE item. NOT your total purchase. FYI
  • However, you can go back and use additional Santa bucks from the sales ad if you need more Santa bucks coupons. (but again one Santa Bucks per item)
  • YES, if you use Santa Bucks, you can still earn personalized rewards. Personalized rewards are totaled based on the sale price, before coupons, and other discounts!
  • YES, Santa Bucks will work on Toys — again all General Merchandise!
  • NO, you cannot use Santa Bucks on Gift Cards, at the Gas Station, or on Gaming cards.
  • Excludes clearance, grocery, paper, laundry & household cleaning products, alcohol, tobacco, prescriptions, prepaid phone, gift and entertainment cards, Meijer Express locations, lottery, postage, park & entertainment tickets, prepaid debit cards & reload packs, in-store businesses, licenses, taxes, previous purchases, Curbside purchases, Shipt and Shopmeijer Orders, SIMPLR (TM) Protection Plans, and bottle deposits. *this means you cannot use Santa Bucks when you use Curbside or ordering items online. This is in-store only. HOWEVER, I tested this out (having the Santa Bucks mPerks clipped to my account), and it took off the Santa Bucks on my online order. So it looks like if you’re doing curbside pickup, you should be able to use the Santa Bucks with your order. Be sure the bucks are clipped to your mPerk account. If you have several of the same items for $99 (for example), the Santa Bucks will only take $20 off (1). So plan accordingly. 
  • If you are using a % off coupon, as well as Santa Bucks, the % off coupon will come FIRST, then Santa Bucks and other mPerk offers.

Another example- if you are buying something is $99.99, you can use a $20/1 Santa Bucks. In that same transaction, if you have an item that is $49.99, you can also use a $10.00 Santa Bucks coupon in the same transaction.

YES,  you can use them on a grill, basketball balls, basketball systems, electronics (including TVs, video games, video gaming systems), movies, bikes, swimming pools, outdoor furniture, lawn chairs, plants, small appliances, etc.

Pretty much everything EXCEPT  the kitchen sink (and groceries, diapers, cleaning supplies, gift cards, alcohol, money cards– you can read the full exclusions on your mPerks coupon!!)

YES- you will still get your OYNO Meijer Catalinas that are offered during this sale, when you use the Santa Bucks.

Be sure to check your mPerk account for coupons like these: You can use mPerk coupons AND Santa Bucks coupons: (these are examples) 

mPerk offers

mPerk coupon offers






The next Santa Bucks sale will be happening in the next week or so at Meijer. Be sure to subscribe to this blog and join our Facebook group for the latest information. 

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  1. Crys B.
    December 12, 2018

    When using Santa bucks and Mperks coupons which comes off 1st? Example: I have Mperks 20% off the item, plus $20 off that item then the Santa bucks. The item is 129.99. How will that scenario go?

    • Jeanne
      December 2, 2019

      The article answers that question. The percent off coupon is used first.

  2. Susan Hackman
    November 20, 2020

    Can I use Santa bucks for on line purchase?

    • November 20, 2020

      Meijer does not have an option to purchase General Merchandise items online.

  3. Octavio
    December 13, 2020

    Do Santa bucks apply to prices before any discount?let’s say something is 49.99 but it has a 50% off ,so that item now will ring 24.99,so which coupon applies for Santa bucks?5.00 or 10.00 off?

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