What You Should Be Buying In the 10 for 10 sale this week

What You Should Be Buying In the 10 for 10 sale this week

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10 for 10 sale at Meijer

The 10 for 10 sale wraps up today, and boy, we’ve had some GREAT items included in this 10 for 10, buy the 11th free sale.

You can see the full list of the 10 for 10 sale here. 

I’m highlighting some of the BEST items in the 10 for 10. As you know, we have a 10 for 10 sale every month, with many of the same items included in this sale. However, we’ve had some RARE items this time, along with some coupons to match other items.

Take a look at the 23 items I’m listing as what you should be getting in the 10 for 10, buy the 11th free sale at Meijer (ends today, 6/23)

Flavor Ice Pops -$1.00

Pay $1.00 Submit for $0.50/1 Fla-Vor-Ice – Ibotta Rebate; May Redeem 5x

Final Cost- .50 cents

Large Cantaloupe- $1.00 

Kellogg’s Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts or Frosted Brown Sugar Pop-Tarts, 14 oz- $1.00 

Pay as low as FREE (w/ the $1/1 coupon)

Pay as low as .40 cents each wyb 5 (using the $3/5 coupon)

Pay as low as .50 cents each wyb 4 (using the $2/4 coupon)

Pay as low as .66 cents each wyb 3 (w/ the $1/3 coupon)

**these are all good prices! We haven’t seen Pop-tarts this low in a LONG time! Keep in mind this is SELECT VARIETIES!!

Old El Paso Mexican Food products- $1.00

Pay as low as .50 cents each wyb 2

Prego Pasta Sauce, 23-24 oz- $1.00 or Alfredo Sauce, 14.5 oz- $1.00 **this is a great deal w/ no coupons needed!!

Oscar Mayer Lunchables- $1.00 

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, 4.5-8 oz-  or Mott Fruit Snacks, 8 oz- $1.00 

Pay .75 cents each wyb 2

Chobani Hint or Flip Yogurt, 5.3 oz- $1.00 

Pay .50 cents each

Coffee-Mate Refrigerated Creamer, 16 oz- $1.00 

Meijer Applesauce Cups, 6/4 oz- $1.00 

True Goodness Organic Whole White or Mini Bella Mushrooms, 8 oz pkg- – $1.00 

POM Super Tea, 12 oz- $1.00 

  • $0.50/1 POM Antioxidant Super Tea – 6-17-18 SS (exp 07/29/18)

Pay .50 cents each

Sweet Potatoes, 3lb bag- $1.00 

John Morrell Sausage Rope, 7 oz- – $1.00 

Pay .50 cents each wyb 2

Sunny D 64 oz- – $1.00 

  • Save 50 cents when you buy any Sunny D 64-oz or 128oz flavors from SS on 6/1

Pay as low as .50 cents

Totino’s Party Pizzas- – $1.00 

  • Buy 3, get 1 FREE mPerk offer

Progresso Soup Vegetable Classic Soup, 18.5-19 oz- $1.00 

Pay .66 cents each wyb 3

General Mills Chex Mix, 8.75 oz- – $1.00 

Pay as low as .50 cents eachw yb 2

** after rebate offer, as low as .25 cents each wyb 2

Little Debbie Nutty Bars, Cosmic Brownies or Swiss Rolls, 12-13.1 oz- $1.00 

Thomas’ Original English Muffins, 12 oz- – $1.00 

Cool Whip Topping, 8 oz- – $1.00 

Pay .50 cents each

Perky Jerky Single sticks- $1.00

FREE, plus a .75 cents MONEYMAKER! 

Sparkling Ice, 17 oz- – $1.00 + Deposit

*** my offer was for $1/2 (limit 1)

Pay as low as .50 cents each WYB 2 after rebate offer

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Not familiar with how to read inserts, check out the coupon lingo, click HERE!  


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