7 Splurges Every Family Should Make

7 Splurges Every Family Should Make

While we are all about saving money, there are some things in life just worth spending a bit on. These 7 Splurges Every Family Needs To Make are excellent examples of ways you can spend your money wisely. Some items are big splurges, others shouldn’t ever be thought of otherwise and a few might surprise you as being important enough to add to this list.

7 Splurges Every Family Should Make

7 Splurges Every Family Should Make

Family vacation time each year. Even if your family vacation is a staycation, connecting as a family and having fun is so vital to a healthy family unit. A few days away together at an amusement park, beach or even a local campsite will help you to bond, relax and also show your children that life isn’t just about constantly working. {Get tips on ways to save on travel and travel ideas here}

A new vehicle. A vehicle can make or break your finances. Not only can an older vehicle cause a lot of repair issues, but it can ultimately leave you without a means of getting to work. While your budget may be tight, investing in a new vehicle will include a warranty which negates the costs of repairs you would be making on an older vehicle.

Life insurance policies for everyone. To some this is an automatic thing with no doubt or question that it is a mandatory expense. To others it may just feel like an expense you won’t need or want to have regarding your children or yourself. It is technically not a splurge, but a necessity. While nobody wants to think about the death of their child, spouse or themselves, it is the most responsible choice to prepare for the possibility with quality life insurance for everyone in your home. Go ahead and splurge for a bit more coverage than you think you need. In the case that it unfortunately becomes necessary to use, you’ll be glad you have it in place already.

Date nights. Your relationship is one of, if not the most important thing to uphold in your family unit. Date nights to connect with your spouse shouldn’t be something you skip just because your budget is tight. There are tons of great free or frugal date night ideas out there, but you will need to splurge on childcare to make them happen. Don’t let this be skipped for long. It is a splurge every family needs to make. {Get ways to save on Date Nights here}

Entertainment options. Cutting back on cable or satellite is a great way to save money, but don’t take away all sources of entertainment. Find at least one thing your family loves to do and make sure you invest in it. Movies, video games, sports, board games or even things like hiking and geocaching are all amazing ways to entertain and connect as a family. Invest in something to keep your family happy and entertained during down time. {Find ways to save on entertainment here}

Quality linens. Have you ever gotten out of the shower to dry off and thought about those nice cushy towels at a resort you stayed at? If so, you totally understand the difference between decent linens and great quality linens. Sheets, towels, wash cloths and pillowcases are all worth investing in. Quality will last for years, and will give you comfort you deserve. Check out your mom’s linen closet. You’ll most likely see sheets still in great shape from when you were a child. Quality will last forever and is well worth the initial investment.

Healthy Foods. Your health is not something to play with. While junk food, processed items and those favorite easy meals may be less expensive, healthy options are really what you need. Invest the money to provide your family with organic produce, antibiotic and hormone free meats as well as fresh made foods with minimal processing or unnecessary ingredients. The long term health benefits are worth the expense.

These splurges every family needs to make are easy to include in your budget. Give your family the best that you can to keep them healthy and happy. What are some ways you splurge?

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7 Splurges Every Family Should Make

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  1. October 6, 2015

    I agree with everything on your list – but especially the healthy foods. Most of my family thinks I am nuts for buying organic whenever I can. I admit it gets expensive – but the thing is my kids are rarely sick. So we save by not going to the doctor as much as other families.

    • October 6, 2015

      That’s awesome Jen! We have definitely changed a lot in what we buy now at the grocery store. It’s crazy that organic products have to be WAY more expensive than junk food! Thanks for stopping by!

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