The Frugal Getaway: Centsational Staycation Ideas

The Frugal Getaway: Centsational Staycation Ideas

Who says you have to travel far to enjoy a great getaway? Sometimes the best vacations are the ones where you don’t even leave your own town. Believe it or not, there are many activities and adventure to be found right in your own backyard that you may never knew existed! The best part? These local activities are typically quite reasonable, plus you don’t need to pay a dime for hotel or travel. If a centsational staycation is what you are after, take a look below at some great staycation ideas that can help you enjoy your summer for less.

Staycations are all the rage these days as they provide a great experience for less. Take a look at how easy it is to explore your own city for less.

5 Centsational Staycation Ideas for the Budget Traveler:

1. Find those free days!
Museums, art shows, galleries, nature centers, aquariums, and other attractions all typically offer free or discount days during the summer months. You will want to know when these are held so you can attend and save. Why spend as much as $15.00 a head if you can pay as little as free? Call your local attraction that interests you or check out their webpage to find out when free/discount days are available. Or, you can even “like” them on Facebook for daily notifications.

2. Opt for family passes.
Our local zoo would cost us $40.00 each time we visited if we paid the regular gate fee. Instead, a family pass is $65.00 for the year, so we save our money just after two trips. Plus, the card can be used for discounts at other area attractions and get us discounts on summer activities at the zoo. If you have two or more children, see if a family pass if a better value for you. Then, you can get away to these mini experiences whenever you wish!
3. Pay Groupon/Living Social a Visit.
Pay deal sites such as Groupon and Living Social a visit to see what local experiences are being offered in your area. You can get restaurant deals, spa deals, family movie deals, park passes and more for less. Plus, both offer a referral program so when you refer your friends you can earn free deals. Sign up online for their mailing lists and get deals delivered to your email specific to where you live. This is a great way to save as much as 70%!

4. Invite the neighborhood to join in.
Why not enjoy a camp out, car wash, bike wash, field day, or cook out as a neighborhood? Everyone can contribute to the food and festivities, and you don’t even need to leave your zip code. This is a great idea if there are a lot of families and kiddos in your neighborhood also looking for frugal summer fun. A simple neighborhood meeting is all you need to get the ball rolling.
5. Make your own meals.
Whenever you wrap up any staycation activity, opt to eat at home. You can still have fun when you make your own pizzas, hot dog stations, baked potato bars, etc. You can assemble these meals for at least half of what it would cost you to eat out. Don’t blow all of the money you just saved by enjoying a local staycation experience, instead, make your own fun and frugal meals and save.

With tips as simple as these, you will have a whole new appreciation for staycations! Why pay big bucks for travel and hotels when you can have adventures in your own town? Spend less, stress less, and stay close to the comforts of home when you plan a staycation instead and take advantage of what your area has to offer.

Happy (local) travels!

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