5 Ways to Save on Entertainment

With all the activities the kids want to do over the summer, it can end up putting a damper on your budget. Kids will most likely want to go to the movies, bowling, swimming, amusement parks and much more! Before you run out and pay full price for an activity, check below on ways to save on entertainment.

ways to save on entertainment

5 Ways to Save on Entertainment

1. Look for Discounts – You can find discounts for almost any activity. You can check online for coupon codes and some activities offer you a discount if you pay online instead of in-person. Your local Costco, Chamber of Commerce and fast food restaurants normally have coupons for local entertainment.

2. Discount Days – Museums, public swimming pools and amusement parks often have discount days. You can check their online calendar or call the facility and ask if they offer discount days. You might be surprised at how many discount days are available over the summer.

3. Happy Hour – Bowling alleys, movies and public swimming pools often have times during the day when they offer a discount. Movie theaters often have matinée times. You can sometimes save up to 50% off the regular price by being flexible with the time of day you do an activity.

4. Get a Season Pass – Buying a season pass can cost a lot up front but it can also provide you with year-long savings. If there a certain amusement park or zoo your family likes to visit, look into the pricing of a season pass. More times than not you can end up with significant savings by purchasing a season pass.

5. Entertainment Book – You can purchase an entertainment book for around $25. An entertainment book offers 100’s of coupons for savings in your local area. You will find savings on everything from ice cream, hotels, movies, amusement parks, eating out and much more. These savings add up very quickly!

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Plus always check out Deal Chicken, Half Off Depot,  Groupon and Living Social!  for great deals in your city!

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