American Girl Store On A Budget

What To Do At The American Girl Store In One Day

h2>American Girl Store On A Budget

A day at the American Girl Place Chicago can be a very fun and exciting way for any young girl to explore and get creative. American Girl dolls encourage girls to explore their world and use their imaginations, and the brand’s store in Chicago is great at doing the same. Trying to do everything at the store in a day can be very costly, and when you are on a budget it can be hard to try and plan ahead when you are unsure of the costs of a day at the attraction.

What To Do At The American Girl Store In One Day

With some planning and easy swaps, you can easily spend a day at American Girl Place Chicago on a budget that you are comfortable with and still have a day of fun with the special girl in your life.

Saving on Transportation
The American Girl Place Chicago is located in the heart of downtown, which also means that there are very little options when it comes to parking a car. The options that are available to guests include a handful of nearby parking garages and lots that change anywhere from $20-$45 to park for a day, when combined with gas and tolls to reach the destination this cost alone can really add up. Opt for public transportation which can get you to the door of American Girl Place at a fraction of the price.

Set A Shopping Budget
Before heading to American Girl Place for the day, look over the current catalog or browse the different items that are available online for dolls and girls. Do this with the special girl that you are taking to American Girl Place and discuss the need for a budget and choosing one or two items that they are especially excited to get. At heart, this is a store, so you want to make sure that you are able to shop around for something, but setting a budget is the best way to set expectations and keep your daughter, niece or any girl on track and excited.

Take Time to Have Fun
Even though American Girl Place is a store, there is a lot to do both inside and outdoor. It is possible to spend an entire day inside, but maybe try breaking it up as to the time that you spend shopping and doing other things inside and around the store. Make a game of the time you spend here, get photos taken for the American Girl Magazine, pamper yourselves or the dolls at the salon or head to a park to read a favorite American Girl book.

Save on Meals
Dinner, Lunch and Afternoon Tea service are all offered in the cafe at American Girl Place Chicago. Instead of trying to fit in two meals for your day spent here, opt for one special meal in the cafe and a picnic or light meal elsewhere. Afternoon tea service or lunch offer great options that come out slightly cheaper and keep you on budget, but pack in just as much fun and excitement.

Be sure to come back next week to find out 5 things you can do at the American Girl store in one day!

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