How to Make Quick Money in a Week

How to Make Quick Money in a Week

If you are hoping to save up for something by using the 52 Week Money jar, you are on the right track! However, what if you need money quick, fast and in a hurry? What are some ways to make some money in as short as a week? Here are some tips to help you get the money you need in a hurry!

How to Make Quick Money in a Week


How to Make Quick Money in a Week

With summer coming up, many folks will be taking vacations. Offer to “sit”. This could include cat sitting, dog sitting, house sitting or even plant sitting. Since this is usually a short term job that some people may even be able to pay you up-front on, you can easily make money very quickly this way.

“Sell” your gift cards with remaining balances. There are several sites out there right now that will buy your used gift cards with remaining balances for almost a complete trade for cash. Also, some states actually have laws that state that the gift card must be paid out in cash if the owner of it wants that instead. There are different laws in every state, so be sure to know what your state law says about this, but if you have gift cards laying around with low, unusable balances, why not cash them in if you can?

Sell yourself. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way, but you can make money selling your plasma, participating in medical research or even selling your hair! Look for local places online in your area that pay cash for these! I know here in my area, Michigan State University offers a variety of different surveys where you can make money.

Do like kids do. Mow lawns, weed out gardens, go grocery shopping for others and wash cars. You never know how much you could make from just offering these services.

Offer to help people move. There’s a saying that goes like this: “You know who your true friends are when it’s time to move.” This often means people are left with hardly any help because, well, who enjoys doing it? Offer your services to help people move. If you are not able to do heavy lifting, what about offering a move-out or move-in cleaning service?

Sell your unwanted goods. This is not a new trick, but it;’s a classic for a reason. Sell your child’s good condition outgrown clothing online or to a consignment shop. Go through your things and sell electronics, books and tools as well. You never know what you unwanted items could bring in until you try!

Have you thought about giving blood? In my area, you can get up to $50 each time you go and give blood.

Other tips you can check out on ways to make quick money:

What are some quick ways you make money? I would love to hear all about it ion the comments!

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