How to Save Money in Your Home This Summer

ways to save money, money save way tips

 How to Save Money in Your Home This Summer

There are many ways to save money in your home this summer as things start to heat up. Some of these tips I have previously talked about during the 52 week money challenge and money save ways tips and just to relay those, I am going to include them as well as a refresher.

ways to save money, money save way tips

Drink more water. Summer is the time when most people kick up their soda habits because we are all so parched, but you will save a lot more money if you encourage yourself and your family to drink more water.

Don’t take your car to the cleaners. Instead, do the washing at home. You will save your self even more money if you shut the hose off in between rinsing and you use something as simple as dish soap rather than specialized soaps for your car. Dish soap is generally just as gentle, anyways.

Don’t rely completely on your AC to cool things. If you don’t have central air, make sure to get some fans and set them up around the house to help blow the cool air around the rooms. If you do have central air, try closing off vents and rooms that are not being used.

Don’t run your dryer. Instead, take advantage of hot days by line drying your clothing. You will not only save money on electricity by not running your dryer, but you will make your home less hot in the long run saving you even more money on your cooling bill.

Don’t turn that oven on! Instead, opt for lower electricity appliances like crock pots to do your cooking. Also, make sure you use that grill as often as you can as well. I mean, I’m always looking for an excuse not to cook— and this is a great one! 😉

Shut off cable during the summer as long as you are not on a contract. You can save on your cable bill just during the warm months as most people are out and about during the summer days anyway, so you may find you are not watching it enough to make it worth it. If you still want something on TV when there is downtime in the evenings, subscribe to Amazon Prime and steam movies or use another streaming service such as Netflix. Encourage your kids to get outside and play during the day.

Make your own popcicles and cold treats. The store bought ones can get pricey and they are often full of all kinds of junk and preservatives. Make your own and save money as well as your health. Try my Banana Split Parfait Jars, Patriotic Snow Cones or these Gluten Free Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches!


What are some ways you save money around your house in the summer?



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