Cut The Cable: How To Get Free Cable- Watch Movies Online For Free

Cut The Cable: How To Get Free Cable| Watch Movies Online For Free

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Cut The Cable: How To Get Free Cable| Watch Movies Online For Free

There are so many ways you can watch movies online for free these days. There’s Netflix, Hulu and even watching your shows by going directly to the network’s website.

However, I have another cool way where you can stream movies online for free. Cut the cord, Cut the cable, stop paying for your TV bill with this new recent discovery.

One of my friends clued me into a way that I can watch movies online for free. I can also stream live TV with this nifty app as well.

You can also read my tips on how to save your cable bill as well for more tips on how to cut the cord.

You guys know that I do not post deals or information that has not been tested. This is something that has been tested and you can see a recent picture of my boys watching the Lego Movie on my instagram account.

Key: I downloaded an app called xmbc (you can do a google search on how to install it on your computer) and used that for quite sometime. Then I decided to go the extra mile and get a Amazon Fire TV.

Updated 4/28- I decided to branch out and get a amazon Fire TV. Let me tell you this thing is awesome. And it comes unlocked with a TON more things then the regular Amazon Fire TV. You can check out more about an unlocked Amazon Fire TV here on Amazon.

A cheaper option would be scoring an Amazon Fire TV stick. This is only $39 but you can stream Netflix, Hulu and other free movies!

Another option would be getting a RCA – Indoor HDTV Antenna for just $19.99. This is a great way to get the basic channels to your TV. After you pay the $19.99, this would be only amount you would pay after you cut the cable! Woohoo!

Cut The Cable: How To Get Free Cable| Watch Movies Online For Free


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  1. I am ALWAYS LOOKING for ways to do this very thing!! Thanks for sharing this video and it’s on my “Nightly To Do List” now! Can’t wait to check it out and start saving me some $$ and still enjoy my favorite shows!

  2. Great topic! We have really been considering this over the past couple months. It’s harder to do when it’s so cold outside. I was thisclose to dropping it yesterday when they raised my bill but a call to inquire about the increase got it dropped back down. Looking forward to watching the video. Thanks!

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