Menu Planning Monday 2/9-2/15

meal planning, menu planning, monday meal planning

meal planning, menu planning, monday meal planning

Menu Planning Monday 2/9-2/15

Our Menu for this week is going to easy! The twins are headed to camp this week, so not a lot of cooking for a big bunch of people. Plus Zaydn declared that it’s Zayd’n week so we’re on his time, wants and schedule. So he is picking what we eat every night!

Menu planning and paring your menu with sales can save you at least 50% without using a single coupon! I also use my meal planner that helps me stay organized!

Sunday: Fish wrapped in bacon with spaghetti! (YUM) *fresh salad

Monday: Pork Chops sliced with Homemade Mac & Cheese *fresh salad

Tuesday: Cheeseburgers, chips, salad

Wednesday: Breakfast Food

Thursday: Out to eat- Zayd’n’s choice will either be Red Robin or Cracker Barrel. If we do Red Robin, I have a birthday freebie to spend there, so at least there will be some savings!

Friday- Pizza Night- Little Caesars or Dominos, depends on what coupons I have

Saturday: Our free for all day– since we won’t have a lot of leftovers left from this week, I do have some pizza in the freezer. (can you tell we LOVE Pizza). Or it’s possible we may have Nacho Night, Fish, Cheeseburgers, etc. The Chef is here this weekend so the menu will be entirely up to him!

Cost- eating out on Thursday and Pizza on Friday. For in-home meals, we used what we already had on hand! So no cost there– just eating out towards the end of the week. But since we’re shaving off 2 kids, that’s a little savings 😉

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