NEW Updates To The Meijer mPerk App

new updates to the Meijer mPerk app

Find out the latest news about the Meijer mPerk app and the new changes to make this app better for YOU!

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new updates to the Meijer mPerk app

NEW Updates To The Meijer mPerk App

Hey guys!! I have some NEW news to share with you directly from Meijer about the Meijer mPerk program. I tell you guys this all the time, but Meijer LISTENS to what you have to say. They want their products to be user-friendly. They really value what you say as a customer, which is why I am ALWAYS telling you guys to TELL Meijer your concerns.

So, over the past few years, Meijer has continued to work on updating the mPerk app and making necessary changes to it. A few years ago they rolled out the personalized mPerk rewards. 

Last year I posted about changes and updates to the mPerk program. I also reached out to Meijer, sharing your questions with them and they answered them. You can read that HERE.

Here’s what’s new (so far) for 2018 for the Meijer mPerk app:

From Meijer: We’ve updated the experience, giving our customers new ways to discover products, coupons, rewards and more at Meijer! Each customer will have a personalized home screen, with content only relevant to them! Please make sure you have the most recent update to experience the changes! **if you have not updated your Meijer mPerk app, I advised going to do that right now! (note: the update may not be showing yet– so give it a few days. I don’t have the update as of yet)

Here are the newest updates to your Meijer mPerk app: {some of these updates many of us already had}

  • Access to your personal barcode for faster checkout
  • Status of all reward programs
  • Discover new products based on how you shop 
  • View your favorite items that are on sale 
  • Access the weekly ad for your store
  • A shopping list for your next trip

Here’s something to keep in mind. Everyone’s experience will be different. You will not get the same offers as me, or Susie, etc. You know a LOT of us get the FREE coupons in the mail on a monthly basis? (this is part of a BETA program Meijer is testing, so everyone is NOT getting them. Read THIS if you want to know more about those free coupons from Meijer). 

With this new update to the Meijer mPerk app, this is something EVERYONE will get– however, the coupons I get in my Meijer mPerk app are going to be different than what you get!

And get this, the more you use your Meijer mPerk app, the more content/offers you will see based on how you shop. This is all based on HOW YOU SHOP. 

I’ve preached this for you- always plug in your Meijer mPerk information. I don’t care if it’s a pack of bubble gum. The more engaged you are with using your Meijer mPerk app, the better offers/more offers you will see in your account.

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Here’s a look at how the new update will look: (this new update is starting to roll out. So keep an eye on your app for an update!)

Meijer mPerk app updates


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    February 21, 2018

    Thank you, Tatanisha!

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