Coupon Lingo

coupon lingo

What does mf mean? No, it doesn’t mean what you think it means….. while at least not in the coupon world!

Here is a list of the latest coupon terms!

All About Coupons:

Coupons are a promotional tool used by companies to get consumers to try their products. A coupon allows a consumer a chance to try a product for less. This, in return, represents less of a risk of loss for the consumer, just in case they end up not liking the new product. In the process, the company is hoping to gain a new ‘brand loyal’ consumer for their products. Coupons also help the manufacturer generate a sale they may have otherwise lost. The companies that manufacture products understand that people have different price points. By issuing a coupon, they are hoping to capture the business of those individuals who shop at the lower price points.

Here are a few types of coupons that are available:

Manufacturer Coupons: These are issued directly by the Manufacturer. This type of coupon has a barcode that starts with the number 5 or 9 and can generally be redeemed at any store that accepts manufacturer coupons. The retailer must mail the coupon in order to be reimbursed.

Store Coupons: Coupons issued by the Retailer. They only scan at the registers at the store that issued them.

E-Coupons: These are electronic coupons that are (usually) tied to store’s loyalty cards. They provide a one-time discount/savings at the register when you purchase the intended product and use your loyalty card. They tend to be store specific.

Two big providers of E-coupons are Upromise and Savingstar.

Digital Rebate offers have recently taken over a lot of coupons we used to see in the paper and in the store. You can learn all about the latest digital apps here, including Ibotta, Checkout51, Savingstar and more!

mPerk is the Meijer mPerk reward program. You can read and learn more about that here.

Coupon Terminology You Need to Know

In addition to the terms, I have already shared with you, here is some more coupon lingo you need to become familiar with:




CATALINA OR CAT = Catalina coupon that prints at check out.

CRT: Cash Register Tape

DND or DNT: Do not double or do not triple

DND-5: This means Do Not Double, but it will double at most stores in the north that have machines doing the doubling.

DND-9: This means Do Not Double, but it will NOT double at most stores in the north that have machines doing the doubling.

ECB = Extra Care Buck (CVS coupon good on your next order)

FAR = Free After Rebate

GM = General Mills insert (in Smartsource insert)

IP = Internet Printable Coupon

IVC = Instant Value Coupon at Walgreen’s (Walgreen’s store coupon)

MIR = Mail In Rebate

MONEYMAKER: Getting something better than free after coupons and sale. Also known as getting paid to shop

NED: No Expiration Date

OYNO = On Your Next Order

OOP = Out of Pocket

P&G = PROCTOR & GAMBLE INSERT {comes out once per month at the beg/end of the month}


RR = Register Rewards (Walgreen’s Rewards program, Manufacturer coupon good on your next order)

SCR = Single Check Rebate (Rite Aid rebate program)+UP rewards = Rite Aid reward program (coupons good on your next order)

SD: Store Display


WYB = When you Buy

YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary. It basically means that your experience may be different from the rest