Best Meijer Black Friday Tips

Best Meijer Black Friday Tips

Best Meijer Black Friday Tips

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Best Meijer Black Friday Tips

**See info for Meijer Black Friday 2021 here.**

For the past few years, I have had a secret go-to store for most (if not all) of my Black Friday purchases. Like most holiday shoppers Black Friday has a special place in our collective shop-to-you-drop post-Thanksgiving hearts.

I mean, really, who hasn’t had a crazy Black Friday shopping experience? And even if you haven’t been directly involved in such altercations at your favorite big box store, no doubt you have seen the well-documented newsreel or viral YouTube videos. Total madness.

But what if I told you there is a place where you can get in the store before the sale starts, and you don’t have to stand out of doors in the oftentimes frigid elements?

There isn’t any chaos or woman fist-fighting for coveted items, and you can more than likely get a better deal than most other stores.

Well, all this “peace on earth and goodwill to men (and women alike) can be achieved by taking your Black Friday shopping to the next Zen-like level.

I have been a faithful Meijer Black Friday shopper for several years; it has been a breath of fresh air.

Not only is it everything the other stores aren’t, but the prices have been historically hard to beat. Walmart (on some items) and Target both have price matching, but the added benefit of shopping at Meijer is scoring additional savings by using MPerks, Catalinas, and additional special coupons, which can make a purchase even more affordable.

So, if you and your favorite shopping bestie are looking for a warmer, less chaotic, and peaceful Black Friday retail therapy experience, check out Meijer this Black Friday. You’re in for a big treat!

** The Thursday and Friday sales are NOT separate this year. They run for TWO days, with the exception of the Pet deals (valid on Thursday only).

A few things you have to do, if you don’t already have this:

  • Sign up for a Meijer mPerks account. Find out more about the Meijer mPerk account here.
  • Be sure to check your mPerk account for matchups mPerk coupons, and clip personalized rewards.
  • Make a list of everything you need. There are THREE different sales and you don’t want to be confused about which day to shop.
  • Make a budget and stick with it. Do you need it just because it’s on sale for a HOT deal?
  • Plan, plan, and plan. Read the ad, and know what you need. Many of the electronic items have limits on them. Bring more people if you plan to be a lot.
  • BE CAREFUL! This is a time of year when stealing and breaking into people’s cars while they are shopping is HIGH.
  • If necessary, don’t bring a big purse. Bring something small that you can keep very close to you.
  • Leave the kids at home (if necessary!!)
  • Shop with friends or in a group. Again for safety, but it’s also fun.
  • Did I say plan? Yes, plan. Make a list of everything you need. Go HERE to get deals for all the ads! 

**Meijer Black Friday AD will be in the store if you want a paper copy. These sales are effective at EVERY Meijer store.

Here are a few Meijer Black Friday shopping tips for ya:

  1. Is Meijer closed on Thanksgiving? Meijer is open on Thanksgiving. Wait, Meijer is OPEN 24/7. The only day they close is on Christmas. So that means you do not have to wait outside in the cold.
  2. Meijer Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Super Saturday sales start at 6 a.m. EST. And they end at 11:59 p.m./midnight each day. This is the same time as all of their sales start every week, every weekend. Nothing new.
  3. How does it work? Well, you walk into the store let’s say around 4 a.m. (depending on the item you’re trying to buy). Go stand by the item. Most Electronic deals will be in the electronic section of the store. However, if it is an item they normally do not carry, that item MAY be on a pallet somewhere ELSE in the store, so ASK, ASK, ASK! But for the most part, every item will be in the right department. The Electronic and HOT ITEMS are always locked up. If you are going to get a video game or Xboxbox one system, you will need to go and stand by that item. There will be a line forming, and you will just need to get in line. Last year, my store started handing out tickets for the hot items about 10-15 minutes before the sale started. So be sure you’re in there in time.
  4. Ticket system. Meijer hands out tickets for the hot items. Once you receive your ticket, you have to stand in line and WAIT until the sale starts. If you decide to leave, you may forfeit your right to that ticket and item. Some stores are super strict on this and will have people coming around to check to make sure you are in line!
  5. How early do you need to be there? As early as you want to be. I have walked in there about 15 minutes till 6 a.m. and still got that hot electronic item. HOWEVER, with more people becoming aware of all the great Meijer deals, they are attracting more people. So, depending on the item you want and where your store is located, you may want to be there as early as 4 a.m.. Again, the store is open, so just go and stand or sit (bring a chair) and relax. Again, the time to be at your store will depend on the HOT item you’re after AND where your store is located. If you live in a busy area, then I would advise being there as early as 2 a.m.
  6. People are nice. In the past few years of my experience of shopping at Meijer during the Black Friday Weekend, everyone is pretty cool. People stand in line like NORMAL people. Not the craziness you will find at “other” stores.
  7. Can you shop these deals online? Unfortunately no. Meijer’s online store has been shut down for over the past year, so you can only shop in-store. You can buy Meijer Gift Cards online.
  8. Is there a limit on how many things I can buy during these sales? Most of the electronics have a limit of 1 or 2. So yes, be sure to READ the signs in the ads. If there is not noted a limit, then you should be fine.
  9. Do the sales overlap? Can I buy something at midnight in one sale, then stay and buy something else in the next sale at 12:01 a.m.? No, each sale is an individual sale, and each sale starts at 6 a.m. So if you want to shop all three sales, you will need to go back to Meijer all three of the sale days!
  10. Can I use my earned personalized rewards during the Black Friday sales? Absolutely!! When you enter your mPerk number at checkout, if you have earned rewards, it will pop up asking you if you want to use them. Just say yes (or say no if you are saving them for something else!)
  11. Will I earn rewards from the Black Friday sales? Absolutely! Be sure to check the personalized reward section of your mPerk account to see what personalized rewards you have– some that are out now are: total purchase, electronics, home, DVD, etc. So be sure to check and CLIP them before shopping. Not sure what a personalized reward is or how to get started- read THIS.
  12. Can I buy items before the sale starts and get the sale price? NO. The sale does not start until 6 a.m. If you check out before then, you will get the price at that time (regular price). HOWEVER, if you’re not getting a locked up item, you can go and put the items in your cart and checkout promptly at 6 a.m. So, if you’re getting clothes, toys, etc… you can have them in your cart and be ready to check out. However, the hot items and electronics will be locked up. So you will have to wait in line to get your ticket, then your item, then check out.
  13. Can I use mPerks during the Black Friday sale? YES. If you have mPerk coupons that will match what you are buying, yes, clip those bad boys and use them to help save YOU money!
  14. How many sales are going on? There are THREE different sales going on during Black Friday: You have the Black Friday Week-long sale. These deals are available now, you can refer to the ad for those deals(ends 11/30). You have the TWO-Day sale this year for Black Friday- Thursday + Friday. (valid 11/28 +11/29 11:59 pm EST) Those deals are the SAME for both days (with the exception of a few items- like the pet BOGO deals are only on Thursday. Then you have the Saturday Santa Bucks sale, and I’ve paired some amazing deals that are part of the week-long sale for the Santa Bucks sale. (ends 11/30 at 11:59 pm EST)
  15. I have several earned rewards that I want to use, can I use them all at once? YES, if you want to use all your earned personalized rewards in one trip during Black Friday or anytime, you can do that. Once you enter your mPerk information at checkout, each reward will pop up asking you if you want to use it. So if you want to use all of them, just say yes to each one. If you only want to use one, then say yes for that one and say no for the others.
  16. I have several different Catalina coupons that I’ve received through various deals (Meijer RX coupon, baby coupon, Catalinas from doing deals, etc)? Yes, you can use them in this sale. The only restrictions on those coupons are usually for alcohol, gift cards, etc. However, if you have TWO Meijer RX coupons or 2 alike Meijer catalinas to use, you typically cannot use them in the SAME transaction.
  17. How does Santa Bucks work on Saturday? I have listed all of the Santa Bucks details HERE. 
  18. Does Meijer price match on Black Friday? No. Meijer stopped price matching over two years ago. And no other retailer price matches during Black Friday week (so you cannot take the Meijer ads and price match at Walmart or Target. Black Friday is their blackout day).
  19. Can you get rain checks for the deals during the Black Friday 3 Days of sales? No. Meijer overall stopped a lot of the rain check opportunity with most of their ads. But it’s listed in all of the ads that no rain checks will be given. So first come, first served! THERE IS NO GUARANTEE on any items– you have to be there!!
  20. When can I redeem the Catalina offer that I received? The Meijer Catalina offers that are attached to select sale items (You will be able to use the Catalina you earn from 12/1-12/20/2019. You cannot use it during the same sale.) There is also a limit on how many Catalina offers you can get with each offer. Most of them are limited to 1-2, so be sure to READ the ad.
  21. What if I buy something that has a $20 or $30 or $50 or $100 or whatever the $$ amount Meijer Catalina offer with it and want to return it? If you need to return something that has a Meijer Catalina attached and you do not return the Catalina coupon you will receive the difference back. So, if you have an item that cost $100 and it has a $20 Meijer Catalina attached; If you return them item w/out the Meijer Catalina attached, you will get back $80 bucks.
  22. Can I use the Catalina I receive to buy a gift card? NO. You also cannot use it for gas, alcohol, entertainment cards. Be sure to READ the Catalina coupon to see all the exclusions.
  23. What if I buy something with my personalized mPerk reward and then return it? You will lose it. You do not get a refund for your personalized reward– so make sure it is something you plan on keeping if you plan to use a personalized reward to pay for it!

What other questions do you have about shopping at Meijer during the Black Friday weekend? Leave them below and I will come back and answer them!

Be sure to check out our Black Friday section for all the latest deals!


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