Meijer 2 Day Sale This Weekend 3/20-3/21

Meijer 2 Day Sale This Weekend 3/20-3/21

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Meijer 2 Day Sale This Weekend 3/20-3/21

The Meijer 2-day sale starts on Friday 3/20 and Saturday 3/21/2020 at 6 AM. You can find the full weekend ad here. 

We have several BOGO deals happening this weekend, starting on Friday at 6 AM. 

**Because of what’s going around the country, it is possible your stores still may be out of stock of the weekend sale items. These ads are put together and printed out months in advance. The stores are doing their best to keep stock in, running several shifts to keep the shelves full. Please allow your store some grace during this time period. The tissue is on sale this weekend for a great price, but stock may be low. If you do plan to shop, try to shop early and when your store is stocking. 


There is a 10% off General Merchandise mPerk to use this weekend as well! 

The 411:

  • Keep in mind diapers DO NOT count as GM items.
  • This is a ONE time use on your TOTAL General Merchandise purchase.
  • It will work on ONE GM or Apparel item up to $500 bucks.
  • YES, this mPerk will stack w/ other Meijer mPerk coupons!
  • No, you cannot use it on Gift cards. {read more in the terms & exclusions}
  • Once you clip this coupon and use it, that’s it…  choose wisely.
  • Yes, Baby items like strollers, clothes, feeding accessories count (but not diapers or baby food)
  • Yes, Electronics count. (including video gaming consoles, video games, TVs, etc)
  • Yes, household items, lawn equipment, Christmas decor, sporting goods, count!
  • General Merchandise is everything EXCEPT food, diapers, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies.

And YES, if you have those Catalinas you racked up from shopping last week, you can stack it w/ this 10% off General Merchandise coupon!

Terms & Exclusions:

No cash back. Limit one coupon per customer. Excludes grocery, household consumables, alcohol, tobacco, HBC, prescriptions, prepaid phone, gift and entertainment cards, gas station & C-Stops, lottery, postage, park & entertainment tickets, prepaid debit cards & reload packs, in-store businesses, licenses, taxes, previous purchases, SIMPLR (TM) Protection Plans, & bottle deposits. $500 Maximum discount in general merchandise & apparel.

**Meat/Produce May Vary By Location**

BOGO Whole Boneless Pork Tenderloin

Center Cut Half Boneless Pork Loin- $1.49 per lb

BOGO Meijer Patagonian Red Shrimp, frozen, 16 oz, 21-40 count

Meijer Thick Cut Bacon, 48 oz- $9.99

BOGO Johnsonville Smoked Brats, 12-14 oz, Smoke Sausage Rope, 12-13.5 oz or Breakfast Sausage, 9.6-12 oz

Johnsonville Fresh Dinner Sausage Catalina offer (valid 3/1-3/31/2020)

  • Buy 2, Get a $2.00 OYNO
  • Buy 3, Get a $3.00 OYNO
  • Buy 4 or more, Get a $5.00 OYNO 

Jimmy Dean Sausage Rolls- $2.50

  • $1.25/1 Jimmy Dean Item – 03/08 RMN (exp 4/4)
  • $0.55/1 Jimmy Dean Item – 03/08 RMN (exp 4/4

Halo Mandarins, 5 lb bag- $3.99

  • $0.50/1 Wonderful Halos – 02/23 SS (exp 3/24)

Buy 2 Get 2 FREE Pepsi Products, 8pk/16.9 oz bottles

Swanson Broth, 14.5 oz- $0.59 per can

BOGO Meijer Aluminum Foil, 200 sq ft

BOGO Quilted Northern Bath Tissue, 6 double rolls mix/match *limit four offers per transaction- $4.99 

Deal idea- Buy 2 at $4.99 (the second one will be free)

use a $0.50/1 coupon listed above

Pay $4.49 for both (comes to $2.24 each)

BOGO Brawny Paper Towels, 2 rolls mix/match *limit four offers per transaction – $4.99

Deal idea- Buy 2 at $4.99 each (the second will be free) 

use $0.55/1 coupon 

Pay $4.44 (comes to $2.22 each)

Tide Pods or Gain Flings, 73-96 count, Tide Power Pods or Gain Ultra Flings, 48 count or Gain Scent Boosters, 20.1 oz – $2.00 w/ mPerk

We also have this deal going on in this 2-day sale as well:

Meijer 2 day sale

Be sure to check the Meijer weekend ad for more deals in this 2-day sale! 

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  1. Courtney
    August 7, 2015

    Wondering if maybe you could let me know how to find the GOGO squeeze coupon. I can’t find it in my newspaper or the link to the website doesn’t show any coupon either. Hopefully its not gone!

    • August 8, 2015

      Hey Courtney, the printable one could be gone now.

  2. Barbara
    April 7, 2017

    why are the 2 day ads not in our newspapers anymore ? So disappointed in this ad, don’t enlarge and can’t bring anything up by clicking on product. Why has all this changed for the worse ?

    • April 7, 2017

      They have copies in the store. Are you looking from a mobile device? I am able to zoom in on products from my mobile device.

      • Becky
        September 14, 2017

        Mine was in my sunday news paper

      • September 20, 2017

        My store didn’t have them in paper form last time. They told me that you can only get them digitally. Thank goodness you post it and I can enlarge it on my phone. But what about people that can’t? Hmmmm

    • Linda
      August 30, 2019

      They are not putting two day sales in the paper they claim cost to much! They said you can go on line and look them up! Haha !! What about elderly people who don’t do that? You just have to walk down the aisle to see what’s on sale!!! They are getting really cheap!!!

      • September 1, 2019

        They should be at the front entrance. We still have them at our store. Did you check there?

  3. Lisa
    April 8, 2017

    There is a krusteaz coupon .50 off bars mix at….includ in the 2 day buy 5 sale

  4. Angela
    May 16, 2017

    Thank you so much for coming up with and posting Meijer deals for us. Love this site!!!!

    • May 18, 2017

      Thank you for the feedback! 🙂

    • Carrie
      January 8, 2020

      I was wondering if anyone had the 2020 dates for the 10 for $10 sales.
      Thank you

  5. summer issawi
    May 16, 2017

    The Viva and Cottonelle deals for the Checkout51 rebate say they’re not valid at Meijer.

  6. May 18, 2017

    The advertised 2-day sale gives the dates of May 20-21 … Saturday and Sunday,
    but the ad says it starts at 6 a.m. on Friday ???

    • May 18, 2017

      Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry about that! What was I thinking! Yes, it’s Friday at 6 am 5/19-5/20. Just updated it. Thank you!

  7. May 18, 2017

    On the freezing of buying your hamburg in large pkgs, if you wrap it in plastic wrap so no air can get to it (I do this for all meat) you can keep it in the zip lock bags for 3-4 years with no taste lost.
    There will be no freezer burn.

  8. Summer
    October 18, 2017

    So we can use these Meijer Bucks coupons for Halloween costume shopping?

  9. sandy
    November 20, 2019

    why do u have comments from 4 years ago?

    • November 23, 2019

      Because I use the same post and just update it whenever there is a weekend sale.

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