Does Meijer Accept Other Store Coupons {info & answer}

meijer coupon policy, coupon policy for meijer, meijer deals, meijer competitor coupons

meijer coupon policy, coupon policy for meijer, meijer deals, meijer competitor coupons

Does Meijer Accept Other Store Coupons {info & answer}

I’ve had several of you continue to have problems at Meijer taking other store coupons. And even allowing you to stack the other store coupons with the mf coupons.

Here’s the information I have found regarding that:

First, their coupon policy states this:

Customers may also combine one manufacturer coupon per item with applicable Meijer coupon(s) where allowed under coupon redemption terms.

 Meijer will accept competitor coupons from Food Retailers or Mass Merchandise Retailers.
• Meijer defines Mass Merchandise Retailers as a retail store offering both food and general merchandise/apparel under one
roof. Coupons from Club Stores and Dollar Stores will not be accepted.

(You can view their full Meijer coupon policy here)

Then a while ago this question was asked on Meijer facebook page: (was asked 3/12/2014)

meijer deals

You see that? It says that you can STACK one competitor coupon with one manufacturer coupon! However, the competitor must be a STORE coupon, not another manufacturer coupon with the logo on it.

So it would have to look like this:

meijer, meijer dealsSo this would be a coupon that you CAN use at Meijer and stack with a manufacturer coupon for Colgate.

This coupon below has the Walmart logo on it, but it is still a manufacturer coupon. These type of coupons can be used at Meijer, but you cannot stack another manufacturer coupon on to this one:

kraft coupons

It seems that people are/were still having issues with their Meijer store accepting their own policy (could be from lack of training, miscommunication, not sure).

So Michelle wrote Meijer and this is the reason she received back:

meijer coupons, meijer competitor coupon policy (thanks Michelle)

So I hope with this supporting evidence that has come directly from Meijer from a various of sources HELPS all of you while you’re shopping at Meijer.

If you continue to have issues, definitely take the issue up with the General Manager on duty. Also follow up via email so this problem continues to get reported until all stores are on the same page!

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  1. Ashley
    March 15, 2014

    Just saying when that came about they never bothered to communicate it with the cashiers. So if they don’t know it wAs an oversight by management not the cashiers fault. And still it depends which manager you ask at my store if stacking is allowed

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