Menu Planning Monday: Week 3-4

meal planning, menu planning, monday meal planning

meal planning, menu planning, monday meal planning

Menu Planning Monday: Week 3-4

It’s another week– and another week that I have planned out my meals.

When I do this, I always see a HUGE difference between how we ate and how much we spend on food for the month.

Menu planning and paring your menu with sales can save you at least 50% without using a single coupon! I also use my meal planner that helps me stay organized!

I forgot to post my menu for last week, so this is a 2 week menu:

Week 1/19-1/25

Monday: Chicken Wings (broiled), Crunchy Broccoli, cranberry sauce, yams and a salad

Tuesday: Chicken Casserole (you can find the Easy and budget friendly chicken casserole here- I also added celery, squash and mushrooms to the recipe this time) * I made a huge pan of it to last for a few days. Added a salad and garlic bread

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Leftover

Friday: Pizza ( I splurged and spent $13 bucks) with Salad

Saturday: Taco Night

*I make lunches for my kids to take to school. For breakfast, we have waffles, pancakes, cold cereal or hot cereal. All things I have in pantry.

If you need some recipe ideas, be sure to check out what I have posted here!

Week 1/26- 2/1

Sunday: Chicken Wings (broiled), Homemade Mac& cheese, Mashed Potatoes, and Crunchy Broccoli.

Monday: Porkchops, mac & Cheese (left over from yesterday), cranberry sauce and fresh salad

Tuesday: Sloppy Joes with mashed potatoes, and fresh salad

Wednesday: Spaghetti with Kale, fresh salad, garlic bread

Thursday: Spaghetti with (or fettuccine) with homemade meatballs

Friday: Pizza (I am planning a grocery trip on Thursday to stock up on Pizzas)

Saturday: Free For All- which means it may be pizza, leftovers, breakfast, whatever we found around the house leftover from the week.

*unless noted- all of our meals cost me under $10 per meal. Many costing barely nothing. Like the Spaghetti with Kale. We grew Kale over the summer and froze it. Pasta is usually always free- .50 cents to buy.

You will be able to see my grocery trips posted here

What do you have on your menu this week?

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