Tips For Stocking Your Pantry

tips on stockpiling

Tips For Stocking Your Pantry

Depending on your household’s usage, you may go through pantry staples like bread, pasta and spices pretty quickly. This can mean that your pantry is in constant use and needs to be restocked. What is the best way to save on these pantry essentials?

Here are a few tips to help you stock your pantry!

1. Get bread at a day old bread outlet in your area. Many times, the price is slashed by half or more and the bread is perfectly fine and fresh tasting. Make sure you freeze some so you never really run out. Bread freezes well and just overnight on the counter can unthaw it.


2. Never buy spices in the bottles at the store. Instead, visit your local whole foods store and buy in bulk. The savings are so much that you might just feel the need to try spices you previously never bought because they were too expensive. The biggest money waster is buying them repacked as you may be paying almost 5 times as much.


3. When you see a good sale, stock up, and stock up fast. These “stock up sales” are often so cheap, the goods go quickly. Add coupons into these sales and you can get them really cheap as many pantry essentials have coupons that are easy to find.


4. Don’t forget online shopping. Amazon mom gives you 20% off and free two day shipping on pantry items (when you subscribe to 5 of them) as well as toiletries. And for 3 months, Amazon mom is free.


5. Buy in bulk. Things like pasta, beans and rice are much cheaper when bought in bulk. Just make sure not to waste money by buying too much at a time. While the shelf life of these dry goods is a year or more, you still should be conscious of how much you purchase. Also, make sure to store them correctly in plastic or glass bins to keep pests at bay.


6. When it comes to canned goods, organization is the key. Keep like items together such as tomato sauces, beans, vegetables and fruit in their own sections so you know what you have, Over-buying is one thing that will kill your budget. Plus, when you go to cook or make a list, you will know what you have to work with. Here is a pantry foods inventory list printable that will help you keep track of what you have in your pantry!


7. Make some of your pantry essentials at home. Pancake mix, soups and spice mixes are a lot cheaper when made at home, plus you won’t get the added preservatives and sodium. You can check out my recipe for homemade syrup here!


8. Shop ethnic and international aisles for things like rice, teriyaki sauce, hot sauce and beans. You will find them much cheaper there. In fact, hit up a local foreign foods market and find some real savings gems.

Here’s a few other tips to check out that will help you plan and organize:

Here’s a few other tips to check out:

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