Menu Planning Monday 2/23-3/1

meal planning, menu planning, monday meal planning

meal planning, menu planning, monday meal planning

Menu Planning Monday 2/23-3/1

We’re still vacationing in sunny Florida. Part of our menu for this week will still be out on the road with a pit stop for a few days in Atlanta Georgia.  However going home I will be scouring the cabinets to see what I can come up with for dinner since I haven’t had a chance to grocery shop.

A great way to save money on food is to get creative with whatever food you have in your pantry.

Menu planning and paring your menu with sales can save you at least 50% without using a single coupon! I also use my meal planner that helps me stay organized!

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Sunday: Vacation

Monday: Vacation

Tuesday: Breakfast food- this has definitely been our go-to for the last few weeks. It’s easy and the boys love it. We also made these– definitely a big hit :Easy Breakfast Recipe: Omelet Breakfast Bites

Wednesday: Bow Tie Pasta with steak & peas & salad

Thursday: Sloppy Joes (recipe: How To Make Sloppy Joes Sliders), chips, salad and mac& cheese

Friday: Pizza Night  (we have DiGiornos stocked in the freezer)

Saturday: Saturday is usually our free for all day– eating whatever is left before we start a new week. Sometimes this is also a night when I try a new recipe!

So what’s on your menu for this week? If you need some inspiration be sure to check out the Recipe section of the blog for new ideas!

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