Meijer Catalina Deals Explained

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Meijer Catalina Deals Explained

Everyone knows what coupon is, but you might have heard the term “catalina” and wondered, “What is that?”

Catalina deals are in-store media networks that influence shoppers through mobile, online and in-store networks powered by the largest shopper history database in the world. Basically, a catalina comes from little machine that spits out coupons and ads in conjunction with your receipt. The promotions are tailored to your purchase. For example, if you bought diapers, the catalina will print out coupons and ads for baby related items.


At Meijer, catalina deals are created to reward customer loyalty and provide incentives for specified purchases. Those blue and white tags on items found on store shelves note current catalina promotions. Typically, they offer a dollar amount off future purchases if you buy a specified quantity of the item involved in the deal.

For example, now through March 30th, 2014, if you buy 2 boxes of Kellog’s or Kashi Cereal, you will get a catalina coupon good for $1 off your next order. Buy 3 boxes and you get $2 off your next order. (You might often see this abbreviated as an “OYNO” deal on various savings sites.) These deals are often noted in the sale ad, but keep your eyes peeled for those blue and white tags throughout the store for unadvertised deals.

You will also see these machines at other stores like Target and Kroger. They often print out “store” coupons which can be stacked with manufacturers coupons to maximize savings. Did you know you can use competitor store coupons at Meijer?

What does “Rolling” mean when it comes to Catalina coupons?

If the catalina coupon states manufacturer coupon, you will likely be able to roll this coupon on another purchase of the same qualifying items and receive another Catalina coupon.

“Rolling” catalina coupons in this way lets you to stockpile these items by doing several separate transactions for the lowest possible at-the-checkout cost. Note that if the catalina coupon states “store coupon,” you will not be able to use it on a second transaction for the same items for another round Catalina coupon to print.

If you have issues with a Catalina not working, didn’t receive it, etc, be sure to have this number handy to call Catalina – 1- 888-8COUPON or email them at You can also visit their website to register your issue as well HERE.

Examples of Catalinas and how they work:

How to use Meijer Catalinas-4

Here you have a Catalina telling you about an upcoming promotion. This means, when you buy 2 Dove Body Wash products (22 oz or larger ) or Bar Soap ( 6 count or larger), between the dates 5/16-6/12/2016, you will get a $2.00 On Your Next Order Catalina. That means you can take the $2.00 Catalina you receive on anything at Meijer (or another store like Kroger or any store that accepts manufacturer coupons).

This type of Catalina will roll. And it is a manufacturer Catalina offer, meaning this promotion is coming from the Brand- Dove, NOT the store. This also means, since it is a brand catalina offer, this promotion may also be working at other stores like Kroger, Target, etc.

You can also take the $2.00 you receive back in a form of a coupon and use it to buy more Dove products and you will get another $2.00 Catalina as long as you have met the requirements (this is called Rolling). Or you can use it on other items, like gum, meat, milk, cheese, diapers, etc. Usually, the only thing you cannot use it on is Alcohol, Gift Cards (always check the coupon for those stipulations).

How to use Meijer Catalinas-3


This is another Manufacturer coupon. Again, it will be accepted wherever manufacturer coupons are accepted, including Meijer. Since this is a manufacturer coupon, you cannot use other manufacturer coupons with it. You can use store coupons (when applicable). And you can also stack w/ the Gerber Checks (if you receive those from Gerber).

When you buy one 20.4 oz or larger Enfamil Powder, you wills ave $8 bucks. So, when you buy your one can of Enfamil Powder, give this coupon at checkout to get your $8 bucks off. If you do get these and never use them, pass them on to someone who can use them.

How to use Meijer Catalinas-1

This is a Pharmacy coupon. These type of Catalina coupons print out at the register. It’s pretty much luck whether you get one or not (sometimes you will find a digital version in your mPerk account).

This means, when you fill a script at the Meijer Pharmacy, you will get a $20 Catalina coupon to spend in the store OR for gas! Yes, this counts towards GAS! In order to get the $20 Catalina for those purchases, you need to have this type of Catalina coupon (as shown above) and hand to the Pharmacist when you pick up and pay for your script. If you are using a type of Government insurance like Medicaid, you cannot use these coupons.

Then once you pay for your script, you will be handed another $20 Coupon which can be redeemed for groceries or gas (there is a list of things you cannot use it on, like gift cards, alcohol, etc).

Meijer Catalinas

This is another type of Meijer Catalina you may get at Meijer. This tells you of a Meijer Catalina promotion going on in the store. Notice it says STORE (Meijer) at the top. That means, this is a Catalina offer, but it is specifically for Meijer.

This means when you buy 2 MEIJER own Brand Butter or Margarine, you will get a $1.00 off your NEXT TOTAL Butter or Margarine purchase(meaning you won’t redeem this catalina offer until your next purchase. So you buy 2 Meijer brand of butter or margarine, get a Catalina offer to print out to use on your next/future purchase of any brand butter or margarine). So what does that mean? This means, you cannot use the Catalina coupon you receive on just anything. It has to be on butter or margarine. It does not have to be Meijer brand Butter or Margarine when you go to redeem the Catalina, but it HAS to be redeemed only at Meijer and only on those specific type of products.

When a Catalina offer is a MEIJER catalina offer they do NOT roll! 

Other type of Meijer Catalina offers:

You will get a $5.00 OYNO when you buy $20 or more of P&G health & beauty brands. This type of catalina offer is a MEIJER catalina offer. That means it will not roll– meaning if you buy $20 of P&G health & beauty items, you will get a $5.00 OYNO. If you take that $5.00 OYNO and buy $20 more of P&G health & beauty brand items, you will NOT get another $5.00 OYNO Catalina to print. So, it’s best to use that $5.00 OYNO on something else.

**now, you can take that $5.00 OYNO from the P&G Health & Beauty brand promotion and use it on the $5.00 on the $25 P&G Household brand and get it to print. Since these are two different promotions, you can use the catalina coupon from one promotion and use it on the other promotion and still get a catalina to print!

You will get a $5.00 OYNO Meijer Catalina when you buy $25 or more of P&G Household brands — again this is a Meijer Catalina offer and it will not roll (see explanation listed above).

Pic of Meijer Catalina

These are other type of Meijer STORE coupons that will print at the register (can also be called Catalinas). These again are the luck of the draw if you receive them. And they will also vary by person. Usually they are coupons that will work on any brand (sometimes it will say a specific type or brand or Meijer brand). Since these are STORE coupons, you can STACK them with manufacturer coupons you may have. STACKING means when you use one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon on one item.


How to use Meijer Catalinas-2


This is a manufacturer coupon as well. This prints out like a Catalina coupon. It has the Target logo on it, but since it is a manufacturer coupon, it can be used ANYWHERE manufacturer coupons are accepted. Sometimes, stores may fuss about taking it because it has another store logo on it. Meijer will accept these according to their coupon policy.

Since this is a manufacturer coupon, you could stack this coupon w/ a store coupon (if you have one.)

How to use Meijer Catalinas-5

This is also a Manufacturer coupon received from Kroger. Since it is a manufacturer coupon, you can use it anywhere manufacturer coupons are accepted (as mentioned above).

Do you have questions on how Catalina coupons work at Meijer? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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Find the current Meijer Catalina deals HERE.


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  1. Tara
    May 2, 2017

    I used coupons today and I went below the $21 I spent so the $5 oyno didn’t print that has never happen before so in here you said you could use $5 off the $25 and it would still print is that still so because this page seems old

    • May 3, 2017

      You have to reach the $25 threshold.If you were getting a deal that said you have to spend $25 in order to get a $5.00 OYNO Catalina, you would need to get to that threshold of $25 before coupons/tax, etc. If you were only at $21, that’s what you didn’t get the $5.00 OYNO. Did you use coupons, mPerk coupons? Even if you did, your threshold should have been $25 before all of that, and that would have generated the t$5.00 OYNO. IF you did all of that and still didn’t get the $5 Catalina, then you should have went to customer service to have them give it to you. Sometimes even when you do everything correctly, the Catalina may not print due to no paper in the machine, etc.

      FYI- all information on this post was updated yesterday 5/1/2017.

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