25 Ways to Make Extra Spending Money This Summer

25 Ways to Make Extra Spending Money This Summer

25 Ways to Make Extra Spending Money This Summer

25 Ways to Make Extra Spending Money This Summer

Do you have all sorts of fun plans on your summer to do list, but don’t have the funds to do them? Well the good news is there are plenty of fun and easy ways to make extra spending money.

I like to share tips on ways to save money, so take a look below at 25 ways to make extra spending money this summer so you have the cash to do the things you want to do.

It is easier than you might think!

  1.  Go on a change hunt. Check couches, purses, counter-tops, and anywhere else change likes to hide. Gather it, cash it in at a no fee machine (many banks have them) and you will have cash in hand. It’s amazing the money you find in your house and car!
  2. Have a yard sale. This is a super quick way to get extra cash. Gather your stuff you no longer need and price it to sell.
  3.  Sell your kids clothes to a consignment shop. Stores such as Once Upon a Child or Plato’s Closet are perfect for getting cash for your gently used clothing.
  4.  Sell your own clothing and accessories to a consignment shop. Just check for shops in your area accepting adult clothes, take your items in, and get cash in hand.
  5.  Sell items you no longer use or need online. Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook garage sale groups are perfect for this. I make out like a bandit by selling items on eBay!
  6.  Crafty? Then sell your homemade items on Etsy. For a low fee you can list your handmade items and sell them to buyers all over the world.
  7.  Trade in your old cell phones. Sites such as usell.com will pay you cash for your old and even broken cell phones.
  8.  Cash in on your broken gold or silver. If you have any broken gold jewelry or even silver pieces, take them to a local jewelry shop who will weigh them and give you cash on the spot.
  9.  Become a direct sales representative. Join a company like Scentsy or Young Living Oils where you can sell their product and receive a commission of your sales.
  10.  Offer to babysit or pet sit. Let neighbors know you are open to babysitting and pet sitting. This is an easy way to earn some extra cash while having fun and helping others.
  11.  Sell your unused gift cards. Do you have gift cards to places you don’t frequent? Sell them on eBay. You can typically get about 85% of the value.
  12.  Give blood and plasma. Find a center near you that pays for donations. The amount you can earn will vary, but it is typically worth the time and effort that goes into a donation. We have done this one. They pay $50 for the first 4 visits, so that’s an EASY $200 bucks!
  13.  Join Swagbucks. You can take surveys and earn points when you shop online which you can redeem for gift cards including PayPal gift cards.
  14.  Set up at a local flea market. Sell your odds and ends or even craft items you make.
  15. Offer to mow lawns or help with lawn care tasks for a fair fee.
  16. If you are gifted at a particular subject, offer to tutor students for a fair fee. Many kids are still doing summer school programs or trying to build their skills for next school year.
  17. Sell your plants. If you need to divide your landscaping plants, offer to sell the extras to anyone interested. Place free ads online to spread the word.
  18.  Sell your old sporting equipment. Find local second hand sporting goods stores that are accepting items and take your stash in for cash.
  19. Cash in on your collectibles. If you have any collectibles on hand you no longer enjoy or need, take them to a local antique or vintage shop who may take them off your hands for cash.
  20.  Take online surveys. You have many options when it comes to survey companies, and some pay cash and some pay in gift cards. Be sure to do your homework first before picking a survey company. You can typically earn anywhere from $1-$25 per survey. (You can find a list of money-making ideas and ones we recommend here)
  21. Freelance edit. If you are a wizard with words, offer your services as a freelance editor. Advertise your services in social media groups that include writers.
  22.  Offer cleaning services. Even cleaning one house per week at $40-$50 a pop can really help you go after all of those summer plans.
  23.  Return tagged items that you haven’t used. That $75 dress you just had to have but haven’t worn yet? Take it back. Use the cash for some summertime fun instead.
  24.  Sell your old video games. Stores such as GameStop will give you cash for your gently used video games on the spot.
  25.  Try your hand at freelance graphic design. Are you a wiz at Photoshop? Picmonkey? ( I absolutely love Picmonkey. Check out this tutorial I did on Christmas Cards! )  Try your hand at doing designs for others. You can try logos, web banners, buttons, and more.

There you have it! These 25 ways to make extra spending money this summer are easy and even fun. If you loved this post, be sure to read 60 ways to save money to get more money-saving ideas.

Give them a try and see how much money you can make! Do you have additional money saving tips? Leave a comment and let me know below!

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Ways To Make Extra Spending Money This Summer

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