10 Ways To Make Cash Today

10 Ways To Make Cash Today

Next time you find yourself strapped for cash, think about these 10 Ways To Make Cash Today.  Not only can you get money in your pocket fast, but you can do so legally and easily without a lot of fuss.  These won’t always make you a ton of money, but they can possibly buy you a tank of gas, a few groceries or sometime pay a utility bill.

10 Ways To Make Cash Today

10 Ways To Make Cash Today

Donate plasma.  Check your local blood bank to see if they pay for plasma donations.  Many locations will pay $25-$50 for a plasma donation.  You can typically only do this once a week.  Some locations will only allow a donation once per month. *Here in Lansing, if it’s your first time giving Plasma, they pay $150!

Babysit.  Advertise babysitting services to your community or neighborhood.  Use social media and Craigslist to get the word out to those who may need your help.

Return unused items.  Check your closets for any items you haven’t used that are still in package or have tags.  If they are within the return window for a local store, return them.  With receipt you can usually get cash back, if not you may be able to sell the gift card you receive to someone else. *I am the Queen of returning items. In fact, I have about $500 worth of items I will be returning this week! Cha-Ching!

Mow lawns or do landscape work.  Advertise on social media or in your neighborhood that you will mow lawns or do gardening and landscape work for a cash fee.

Become a day laborer. Many local unemployment offices set up day labor areas.  These things usually end up being hard manual labor in construction or similar, but they pay out cash at the end of the day.

Dog walk or pet sit. Dog walking or even pet sitting can be a great way to make fast cash in your neighborhood.  You can even check with local veterinarian offices to see if they need any help walking animals or cleaning out cages.

Pawn items you no longer need.  Go through your jewelry box, tools, electronics, movies and even video games for items you don’t use or need.  Take them to your local pawn shop for some fast and easy cash.

Sell items in a local classified group or Craigslist.  Facebook classified groups and Craigslist are great for selling items like clothing, furniture, electronics and more to people in your local community.  Take pictures and post for sale then agree to a public place to meet your top bidder or the firs person who comments. I just sold some unused gadgets I had sitting around the house collecting dust and made $300 CASH which was deposited into my paypal account the same day!

Sing or play an instrument as a street performer.  If you sing or play a musical instrument well, check your local city ordinances and head out to a local corner to sing as a street performer.  Donations from passersby can help give you what you need to make it through the day.

Wash windows.  Many businesses will pay cash for you to wash their windows.  Grab a bucket, some soap, water and a squeegee and head out to your local business to make a few bucks fast cash.

These ways to make cash today will help you to make it until your next paycheck arrives. Looking for more ideas? Be sure to read my tips and strategies on 60 + ways to save money!

And with Christmas coming up soon, it’s time to start thinking about ways to pay for Christmas: 27 Ways to Pay For Christmas!


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10 Ways To Make Cash Today

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  1. August 24, 2015

    We really think making cash overseas especially in the US are much easier than in other Asian countries because of the so many labor rules.

    The best way to earn cash is to offer a service you’re really good at. Ex: If you’re into photography, why not offer your skills to those who need it like for events or even company shoots. 🙂

    PS: Thanks for dropping by my blog! 🙂

    ♥ Louise | http://www.louisechelleblog.com

  2. September 8, 2015

    Great great tips you got here! With the help of the internet or social media, making money in a legitimate and good way is not a problem anymore! Thanks!

  3. Chris
    February 16, 2017

    Returning unused items is NOT making money. It’s just getting back what you already spent.

    • Pink
      June 9, 2019


  4. April 17, 2017

    Love this tips, happy to share this.

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