8 Ways To Make Extra Money For Christmas

Make Extra Money For Christams

Here are 8 Ways To Make Extra Money For Christmas that are sure to help you reach your goals this year. Even a few hundred dollars can really make a big difference in your Christmas budget this year.

Make Extra Money For Christams


We are barely through the back to school season, but it is already time to start planning ahead for the upcoming Christmas season. For many of us, that means finding extra money in our budget to buy gifts, supply kids with activities over the holiday break and of course host big family meals.

Become The Neighborhood Babysitter. Sure you thought your babysitting days were over after high school, but now is a great time to offer up childcare for your friends and neighbors. Charge a reasonable rate and keep the neighbor kids a few hours in the evenings or on a weekend between now and the holidays. Perfect holiday money for little effort. You can sign up on places like Care.com to pick up additional babysitting gigs. 

Clean Out Your Closet. The transition of the seasons is a perfect time to go through everyone’s closets. Kids may have outgrown great clothing, and you can almost always purge something from your closet that isn’t worn enough to warrant keeping. Post them to sites like Craigslist or eBay to sell quickly, or simply upload pictures and prices to social media and let your friends and family have fitted dibs. Local Facebook swap shop groups are also a common and popular way to sell used items.

Sell Your Crafts. Are you great at making cool jewelry, creating fun upcycled crafts or simply knitting great scarves and hats? The holiday season is the perfect time to make a batch of fun items to sell. Check out local craft sales and bazaars to set up a booth and sell at for even more income.

Recycle. Cans, plastic, and glass can all be recycled for cashback in various locations. Now is a great time to get out and pick up to take into the recycling center.

Online Surveys. While these often get a lot of flack for not being legitimate, there are some that are great for earning a few extra dollars each month. Swagbucks is a highly popular legitimate rewards program that easily pays out in Amazon or Paypal gift cards for doing surveys, searches, and other simple tasks.

Have A Bake Sale. If you make a great cookie, bread or even salsa or jam that everyone raves over, why not make up batches each week to sell? Church groups, MOPS groups or simply local friends in your community are likely to take you up on the offer of a fresh homemade batch of bread or salsa to share with their family.

Pet Sit. With the holidays a busy time for many traveling to visit family out of town, pet sitters are often in high demand. Offer your services to check in on cats, dogs, and other pets for a fee while friends, neighbors or coworkers are out of town.

Gift Wrapping Service. You would be surprised at how many people hate wrapping gifts. Offer gift-wrapping services for people in your community. Charge a flat rate per package and watch a few videos on how to make your own bows to give them an extra bit of pizazz. Also, think about making gift baskets as a way to earn some extra cash. 

Between now and Christmas you can easily make a few extra hundred dollars to help pay for expenses. These ways to make extra money for Christmas are sure to fit into your daily life without much extra effort. Not only will they reward you with more to spend on those you love, but they may also become a full-time extra source of income you could apply toward debt or other special events in your life.

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