How To Make Christmas Money Doing Surveys

How To Make Christmas Money Doing Surveys

Every year we scramble to come up with just a few more dollars for Christmas.  Not only do we want to make ends meet, we want fun ways to do so.  Here are some great tips for you on How To Make Christmas Money Doing Surveys.  Not only are these great for you to make money for the holidays, they are excellent for making extra pocket money throughout the year.

How To Make Christmas Money Doing Surveys

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How To Make Christmas Money Doing Surveys

How To Effectively Make Money Doing Surveys:

Be Consistent:  Check your survey sites regularly.  Daily is best, but at minimum check weekly for new opportunities.

Update Demographic Information Regularly:  As things in your life change, so should your account information.  Changes of location, family size, household situation and more can play into how many surveys you receive for specific demographics.  Always be consistent with updating your information on a regular basis.

Be Organized & Follow Up: Make notes about what surveys you have completed, for whom and what the payout is.  Regularly go back and check to see that your account reflects your activity.

Use Several Sites: Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.  Make sure to sign up for multiple sites with various types of surveys to do.  This gives you a broader range of work to do to make extra Christmas money doing surveys.

Recommended Survey Sites:

Valued Opinions: This site not only has online surveys for you to take, but they routinely send out fun surveys in the mail.  These written surveys often have to do with entertainment or food purchases.  They will come with a chance to earn a gift card for Amazon, and often cash in the envelope for your time.  This is a great reputable site that has been around for many years and is highly recommended.

Pinecone Research:  For a flat standard $3 per survey payment this site has a ton of work for you to do.  Not only is it a simple and easy standard rate for most of their surveys, they have tons of great opportunities for specifically 18-24 year olds and Hispanics.  If you fit into those categories you are more likely to get routine opportunities to work.

Opinion Outpost:  This great site is perfect for those who want to earn money and reach payout quickly.  Only $5 gets you an Amazon gift card.  For $10 you can cash out via Paypal.  It is usually easy to reach those payout levels 2-3 times a month.  This doesn’t sound like a lot, but over the course of a year that is over $400 earned toward your Christmas fund.

Vindale Research:  While legitimate and consistent, Vindale can be one site that is harder to earn from due to the lower payouts per survey.  With surveys earning $.35-$1.50 each it can take a significant amount of time to reach the payout level.  That said, there are occasional opportunities for you to review products and services for reimbursement plus a larger fee payment.

 Consumer Village: Share your opinion and get paid for it!

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With Christmas quickly approaching, I’m doing my best to give you great tips on how to make sure you can pay cash for Christmas and not go over your budget. I have more awesome tips on how to make some extra FAST cash for Christmas. Be sure to read some more fantastic tips on Christmas cash by reading 27 ways to earn money for Christmas.

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This year you can quickly earn extra Christmas money by simply working with survey companies on a regular basis.  It isn’t too late to get started!  Sign up for some of our favorite survey sites today and learn how to make Christmas money doing surveys!


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