How To Make Money Selling Gift Baskets

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Every year we begin looking for fun things to do that could make a little extra income around the holidays.  This year we are going to share with you our best tips for How To Make Money Selling Gift Baskets Not only are these fun and easy to throw together, you can quickly make a nice profit on them.  Shop the right locations for supplies and advertise at suggested places and you can create a fun hobby that provides you with extra spending money.

How To Make Money Selling Gift Baskets

Did you know that you can make money by selling Gift Baskets? It's a great way to earn some extra cash on the side!

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Buy Supplies In Bulk:  Candy gift baskets can be inexpensively created when you shop for items in bulk.  Check prices at your local club wholesale store and pick up bulk of your favorite candies to go into great gift baskets. If you’re a couponer, this is a great way to buy items super cheap and use them for gift baskets.

Get Creative With Themes: Themed baskets sell quicker than others.  Coffee Lovers, Tea Lovers, Chocolate Lovers, Geek Baskets with Star Wars, Star Trek or Minecraft are all great themes people will enjoy right away.  Look at pop culture, popular toys and brands for great themes to work with.

Advertise In The Right Places: Post on your personal social media, but go a step above and post in local swap shops, groups and community boards as well.  Make flyers and post around town in locations that allow it, and always ask customers to share your business card with other people they know.  Word of mouth goes a long way in small business like this.

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Offer Free Delivery In Your City: A great way to get more customers is to offer free delivery.  Set up a reasonable radius from your home and offer to meet or deliver for free in those areas.  Arrange deliveries so you aren’t back tracking to save the most gas mileage as well.

Making money doing fun things like making your own gift baskets can be a great source of holiday present income.  These tips on how to make money selling gift baskets are sure to help you create a great residual income that will fund your holiday wish list with ease this year!

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