15 Things Moms Say To Their Teen Boys All The Time

Conversations with teens

“This post is sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own.” As a mom of teen boys, I’ve learned that there are things moms say to their teen boys all the time. I’m sure you can agree with this list, and maybe even add a few more! 

Conversations with teens

15 Things Moms Say To Their Teen Boys All The Time

Have you seen the video going on the internet with Kristina Kuzmic having MomVersations with moms and their sons? It’s hilarious; I highly encourage you to watch it. In the video, she talks with moms and their sons about how they smell. Which brings us to today’s post.

Things Every Mom Has Said To Her Teen Boys

Living in a house full of boys has always been an interesting journey. When the boys were in the early stages of puberty, the funk that came from their bodies was horrendous. I wanted to skip the body wash and deodorant and douse them with disinfectant.

Tips on talking to teens about their hygiene

So, you’re probably already familiar with many of these lines:

“Did you take a shower today?”

“Did you use soap?”

“What’s taking you so long in the shower?”

“Did you put deodorant on today?”

“What type of deodorant did you put on?”

“When’s the last time you cleaned your room?”

“Look under your bed for socks, underwear, and what else is living there!”

“Did you brush your teeth? For how long?”

“Go back and comb your hair!”

“Go back and put a clean shirt on! And change those jeans!”

“You’re eating again?!”

“How many days have you been wearing those socks?!”

“Go take a shower, now!”

“Oh my gosh, this room smells like straight funk!”

“You’ve been wearing the same dirty clothes all weekend. Go change!”

I mean, I could probably go on and on, right? However, with a few years of constantly nagging, we’re fill finally getting somewhere. As the twins get older, they care more about their hygiene.

Smelling great is important to them. You don’t want to be known as the funky kid at school. Our boys only use a few body wash products, which one of them being AXE products. They also like the AXE hair products, as well as the body spray and deodorant.

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Momversation with teens


We’ve tried a variety of AXE products and scents, and when I introduced the AXE Excite Body Wash to the boys, they loved the scent. It has a woody fragrance, but with a hint of coconut, hazelnuts and caramel notes. They like the masculine scents AXE products gives off, allowing them to feel confident as they grow into their bodies and figure out the road to adulthood.

Did you know that AXE Body Wash is the #1 in the world brand of men’s body wash?


Tips on talking to teens about hygiene

We’ve had issues in the past with prior deodorant products not working. This caused our boys to get real funky fast! Since switching to AXE deodorant, we haven’t had that problem! With AXE deodorant, my boys are guaranteed to have an all-day freshness and odor protection.

Axe deals at CVS

They also like to use Axe Phoenix 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner. For our youngest teen, he plays sports all year long. Being able to quickly use a 2 in1 product saves him time in the shower.

AXE Hair products

With their natural hair, having products to help them style their hair is important. AXE offers a variety of styling products for all types of hair. The AXE Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade works great on their length of hair. With just a small amount of pomade, they can style their hair with ease and pride.

Tips on talking with teenagers

With AXE products, my teens have the confidence they need to face the day. And that’s one less thing I have to worry about it when it comes to living with teenage boys.

Now, if only AXE products could make them clean up their room and pick up their dirty clothes. I guess that’s asking for too much, huh?

When’s the last time you sat down and had a conversation with your teens about their hygiene? I encourage you to have a MomVersation with your boys. And if for some reason you feel that your kids are the ONLY teens like this, I recommend you have this MomVersation with other moms, and you will find out that your teens are normal.

MomVersation and AXE

Be sure to head to CVS this week and stockup on AXE products while this promotion lasts!

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As a mom of teen boys, I'ved learned that there are things moms say to their teen boys all the time. I'm sure you can agree with this list, and maybe even add a few more! 

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