One Thing You Need To Do With Your Teen Boys This Summer

Things for teens to do in summer

Summer break is here, and there is one thing you need to do with your teen boys this summer. “This post is sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own.”

One Thing You Need To Do With Your Teen Boys This Summer

One Thing You Need To Do With Your Teen Boys This Summer

Summer’s here, which means a few things around the Worthey house. 

  1. Three teenage boys ransacking the fridge and cabinets for food multiple times per day. 
  2. Extra kids running in and out, staying up all hours of the night. 
  3. Long road trips stuck in the car with three boys.
  4. And me, continually asking, “did you take a shower today?”

Most of this I don’t mind, except that last one. The foul odors waffling across my nose daily is offensive. And if you haven’t had the pleasure of this type of smell, be lucky and thankful. As a teen myself, I don’t recall my mom ever asking me did I take a shower? I did it because I didn’t want to smell. But boys, on the other hand, are something different. 

The 13-year-old relishes in not taking a shower, like I’m giving out awards for the stinkiest kid. He also enjoys a messy room, throwing on whatever, and not caring about his hygiene as much as I think he should. The two 16-year-olds are a little better, but still need that daily reminder of, “go take a shower!” 

But thankfully, I have a plan and a little help from my friends over at AXE. 


CVS deal on AXE products

First, we have a pretty sweet deal on AXE products at CVS this week (valid 6/9-6/15/2019). I plan to stock up on all things AXE because we will need them with three teenage boys this summer. 

Why we love AXE products

Right now when you shop at CVS on select AXE products, you can buy 1, get 1 50% off. You will get also get a $2 extrabucks reward!

We also have AXE coupons to use:

  • $2/1 Axe Hair Care Product, exp. 6/23/19 (RMN 06/09/19) [Excludes multipacks; ETS]
  • Save $1.00 on AXE Deodorant Stick (Ibotta Deposit)
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MomVersation with Teens

Have a MomVersation with your teen boys

Sit down this summer and have a MomVersation with your teen son(s) about their hygiene this summer. This is the one thing I am doing this summer to ensure we tackle personal hygiene. 

  • They can’t play video games until after they have taken a shower for the day. I don’t know if your boys are like my kids, but they will wake up and hop on their gaming systems before doing anything. 
  • They are responsible for doing their own laundry, which means I don’t have to deal with their smelly clothes. 
  • We’re also discussing the importance of smelling fresh and clean, giving them the confidence they need before a job interview, talking to girls, etc. 

Things for Teens to do during summer

And with road trips planned throughout the summer, I’m also making sure we are prepared by grabbing enough AXE products with this CVS promotion. 

Why we love AXE products

Why we love AXE products

AXE Phoenix 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner, 16oz. is perfect to use after the boys’ workout, play basketball, and while on the goal. It’s a 2 in 1 formula with a fresh scent, leaving their hair soft and clean. 

Of course, we can’t forget about AXE Body Wash for Men, known as the #1 World Male Body Wash Brand. (*Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Men’ bath and shower retail value sales, 2016. AXE includes all AXE/Lynx/Ego Sales)

My boys love AXE products, including the masculine fragrance from the body wash, as well as leaving their skin refreshed and clean. 

Wearing deodorant on the daily is also essential. Using AXE Phoenix Deodorant Stick, my boys are provided with all-day freshness and odor protection, which comes in handy on long car rides or after playing basketball. 

Why we love AXE products

Keeping their hair under control with AXE hair products is also essential. A few summers ago, I made them cut all their hair off because they didn’t take care of it. Now, they get it and use AXE Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade to tame unruly hair. 

And for those, “oops, I forgot to put on deodorant moments,” I keep AXE Apollo Deodorant Wipes 25 ct. in the car. These wipes are perfect for on-go, gym backs, and for our upcoming summer travel. 

Things for Teens to do during summer

Our summer will be fun, but not stinky. Having a conversation with my boys about their hygiene is the first thing I plan to do this summer. We have summer road trips planned, starting Driver’s Training, and job interviews means we will need AXE products with us, keeping them clean and confident. 

Things for Teens to do during summer

Head to your CVS this week to stock up on AXE products with this Buy 1, Get 1 50% off sale, and sit down and talk to your kids about proper hygiene care before that long road trip. 

Things for Teens to do during summer

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