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Best Tips for Shopping at Meijer

Do you love shopping at Meijer? I know it’s one of my favorite places to shop, so I wanted to ensure you got the best shopping tips for your time spent at Meijer.


Meijer has a philosophy that they want you to shop today and save. The mPerks card makes it easier for you to shop the same day and save money. Basically, with the mPerks card, you get to choose your rewards. You can search for coupons and clip them digitally. With the personalized part of the program, you get rewarded for items that you buy. I love the mPerks card because you can easily get started. Click here to sign up, start clipping, and then redeem your coupons and rewards at checkout. You can also check out the mPerk only deals we share every week. 


Just like any other shopping trip, you are going to make sure you plan ahead. How many helpers will you bring with you? Make sure you make a list of all items you plan on bringing with you. Another way you can plan when you shop at Meijer is to plan for price matching. According to Meijer, they will “match ads for General Merchandise from major competitors in each store’s trading area within certain guidelines.” You can see those guidelines on the Meijer website right here.

Weekly Ads

Like most other grocery stores, you will want to check out the Meijer website for the weekly ads. Weekly ads may be different based on where you live, so take advantage of this awesome search tool on the Meijer website.

Meijer is full of awesome shopping deals. Make sure you follow these tips when shopping at your local Meijer.