Michigan Stores That Still Doubles Coupons

what michigan store doubles coupons

Michigan Stores That Still Doubles Coupons

So just in case you didn’t know…. Kroger will stop doubling coupons here in Michigan as of May 13th, 2014.  Starting the 14th of May, you will be able to still use coupons but only at face value.

You can read more about the recent news of Kroger Michigan no longer doubling here.

Keep in mind that several of these stores prices are WAY higher than Meijer or Kroger on a regular price day. I know for sure when it comes to stores like Polly’s. Sometimes you can strike out on a good deal, but on a weekly basis- no. So something to keep in mind. I think we will still find great deals at Kroger- we will just have to put forth a little more effort into our couponing skills. Be sure you’re in our Michigan only Facebook group for Kroger. Together we can do this!

Other stores in Michigan that will still double:

Buschs– coupons will double up to $0.50 ONLY as an exclusive benefit for MyWay members.

busch coupon policy

Busch Coupon policy:

  • You must have a MyWay store card for your coupons to double and to receive special sale prices. You may sign up online or in store.
  • Coupons will be doubled up to $0.50 as long as they are not marked Do Not Double.
  • Coupon value cannot exceed price of item.
  • No limit on total number of paper coupons doubled or number of like coupons doubled.
  • Limit of 5 total internet coupons per transaction. Limit of 1 like internet coupon per transaction.
  • Internet coupons for Free Offers, Buy 1 Get 1 Free, and /or a High Dollar Value coupon where the value exceeds 50% of the item’s total value are NOT accepted.
  • B1G1 FREE sale items each ring up as half price so you may use 1 coupon on each item as long as they do not exceed the price of the item.
  • Stacking of a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon is NOT allowed.
  • No competitors coupons will be accepted. (thanks B2b)

Hollywood Markets double up to .50 cents. Locations: Royal Oak, Shelby, Troy, Madison Heights, Rochester Heights, Lake Orion and Bloomfield Hills.

Hollywood Markets Coupon Policy- you can find the full policy here

  • Hollywood Markets will double manufacturer’s cents off coupons up to and including $0.50.
  • Coupons with face value of $0.51 or more will be accepted at face value.
  • If purchasing more than one of a particular product with a coupon for each, only one of the coupons will be doubled. Additional coupons for the same item will be accepted at face value.
  • Double coupon value cannot exceed the price of the item.
  • “In store” and other coupons labeled as “not to be doubled” will be accepted at face value.
  • Hollywood Markets will accepted legitimate internet or computer generated coupons that bear the manufacturer’s bar code and contact language.
  • Hollywood Markets will not accept copies of coupons or coupons from other stores.
  • Hollywood Markets does not accept internet coupons over $3.00.
  • Hollywood Markets does not accept free internet coupons.

Oak Ridge will double coupons up to $1.00 (this is Macomb County area). You can view their full coupon policy HERE

Manufacturers’ coupons are doubled up to and including $1.00. Coupons over $1.00 are taken at face value. Limit 1 coupon per item.
Manufacturers‘ coupons may not be used in conjunction with in-ad coupons.
Manufacturers’ coupons may be only used for the product and size stated. Limit of four coupons for identical free items.
When doubled, the coupon amount may not exceed the price of the items required by that coupon.
Free and in-store coupons are taken at face value.
Coupons that specifically state “do not double” are taken at face value.
Internet coupons are accepted up to and including $1.00. They are never doubled. Internet “free item” coupons are excluded. Only four internet coupons may be used per transaction.
Coupons for cigarettes, beverages containing alcohol, sale pop and sale coffee are not doubled.
Only four of the same coupons, regardless of flavor or variety, will be doubled. Additional coupons for the same items will be taken at face value and not doubled.
Multiple transactions using coupons for the same customer is not allowed.

Polly’s Country Market (located near the Jackson area) doubles up two identical coupons. You can more about the coupon policy HERE.

Other stores that have been reported by readers (thanks guys)

Bay City Foodland doubles up to a $1.00

Mark’s Food Pride in Laingsburg doubles to $1.00 coupon policy can be found here

Pats Food Center in Freeland doubles up to 50 cents everyday and up to 1.00 on Wednesday

It was also reported that the Meijer store in Howell still doubles up to .50 cents (double check before you go)
It’s possible that some of these stores that were located in the same vicinity as Kroger could possibly stop doubling in the near future. So also check their latest coupon policy before shopping.

I do not cover Hollywood, Oak Ridge, Busch deals here at A Mitten Full Of Savings. Those stores are not even in my area and I like to be able to go into stores and get unadvertised prices. Which to me, is part of the reason why I exist– to find those deals that you won’t find anywhere else because bigger blogs wouldn’t carry some of these stores. Thankfully, Bargains to Bounty carries the matchups for these stores to you can head HERE if you want to check those out.

She also carries Spartan Stores. At this time, there is a possibility we may start carrying the Spartan Stores again if there is a demand for it.

Did I miss a store that will continue to double coupons here in Michigan? Let me know in the comments below!


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