Money Saving Tips For Stocking Stuffers

Money Saving Tips For Stocking Stuffers

It’s all about saving the most money during the holidays, and these Money Saving Tips For Stocking Stuffers are going to help you to give your kids (and spouse) amazing things for even less. I am all about making money go further, but I also love giving fun things to the ones I love. These tips definitely make that possible.

Money Saving Tips For Stocking Stuffers

Money Saving Tips For Stocking Stuffers

Buy some items in bulk. For the kids you can buy things like markers, crayons, colored pencils, paints or even clay and Play Dough in bulk packages and then break down into smaller sizes to add to their stocking. This can often save you a ton of money. Do the same with things like toothpaste, socks and even scarves if your family enjoys the practical stocking approach.

Set a monetary limit and stick with it. Stockings are supposed to be the fun inexpensive items. Set a low budget $5-$10 tops and stick with it. That means even if it is a small gift, it has to fit into the monetary limitations not just size. Go to the Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree or Dollar Shop at Target for the best deals on things like books, activity books, cups, mugs or even small toys.

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Make everything that goes into stockings. Go outside the box by doing something unique like baking each child their favorite cookie, cake or candy to go inside their stocking instead of traditional gifts. Whatever treat you choose to go in their stocking will be entirely theirs with no obligation to share with the rest of the family. They will love it, and so will your budget.

Create a classic stocking. In the “old days” stockings were often filled with things like oranges, apples, nuts and a few chocolates or hard candies. Buy an apple and orange for each stocking, add in a thing of trail mix or a few of their favorite nuts and some small chocolate candies for a classic and fun feeling that isn’t costly.

Shop clearance year round. This is the best way to stuff that stocking full of inexpensive but fun things like pens, pencils, stickers, coloring books, small toys or even games. Hit the clearance sections at Target, Walmart and your local Dollar stores for great deals after each holiday, but especially around Back To School season. Target has a $1.00 spot and I am always able to find great items under $1.00!

Buy on Amazon. There are a ton of little fun things you can find for under $1 year round on Amazon. Necklaces, change purses, toys and even party favor type items. Grab these ahead of time since some ship from overseas to stock up the stockings with little out of pocket expense. Shop Here

This list of money saving tips for stocking stuffers will help you to stretch you gift giving budget even further this year when you use our tips along with the great sales at your local stores and online!

Money Saving Tips For Stocking Stuffers

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