100 Free or Frugal Christmas Gifts For Kids

A List of Christmas Gift Ideas for kids - 100 Free or Frugal Christmas Gifts For Kids

As a parent, you want to give your kids the best presents, but you can’t always afford that. These 100 Free Or Frugal Christmas Gifts For Kids are going to easily fit into your budget. Some items are free when you make them yourself. Other items on the list are frugal and under the $5-$10 range out of pocket costs. Most items are going to be less than $5. This is a great choice for adding to stockings, or as a treat with your Advent calendar.

101 Free or Frugal Christmas Gifts For Kids

100 Free or Frugal Christmas Gifts For Kids

  1. Socks

  2. Picture collage of themselves and pets or friends

  3. New paint in their bedroom

  4. Ear buds

  5. Gloves

  6. Scarves

  7. Books

  8. Coloring Pages

  9. Crayons

  10. Uninterrupted time playing with you

  11. Their choice for dinner

  12. Get out of doing chores token to use once a month

  13. Their own coffee mug for cocoa and hot teas

  14. DVD rental codes for the local kiosk

  15. Candy (yes, their favorites are a special treat)

  16. Wallets

  17. Magnets

  18. Homemade bath bombs

  19. Finger paint (homemade is easy and inexpensive)

  20. Nail polish

  21. Manicure set

  22. Headbands

  23. Hair bows

  24. Sunglasses

  25. Hats (tons of cool kids has under $5 on Amazon)

  26. Homemade painted blocks (chunks of wood can be sanded and painted)

  27. Homemade puzzles using craft sticks and paint or pictures

  28. Crossword puzzle books

  29. Jigsaw puzzles

  30. Spend an hour playing video games with them

  31. Teach them a fun new card game

  32. Homemade bath salts

  33. Monogram wall hanging using broken crayons to create their initials

  34. Paint sets

  35. Board games

  36. Travel bags or totes

  37. Throw or blanket (homemade or inexpensive purchased)

  38. Scrapbook for sports team

  39. Holiday ornament with their theme or initials

  40. Makeup bag

  41. Stuffed animals

  42. Bath toys

  43. Bath paints (can make homemade or purchase)

  44. Bubbles

  45. Lego Minifigures

  46. Discounted Video Games (Amazon has tons under $5)

  47. Cool lunch box

  48. Lip Balm

  49. Wall calenders

  50. Custom Tumbler

  51. Posters

  52. Friendship bracelets

  53. Crazy straws

  54. Special picnic in a park or just in the living room with a favorite movie

  55. Pencil case or box

  56. Colored gel pens

  57. Dry erase board for their bedroom desk

  58. Sidewalk chalk

  59. Jump Rope

  60. Silly putty

  61. Play Dough

  62. Silly String

  63. Slinky

  64. Lip Gloss

  65. Shadowbox of collectibles (their baby outfit with a rattle or hospital bracelet, old school or sports rewards, etc.)

  66. Key chains

  67. Baseball Cards (or other sports cards)

  68. Nice smelling hand lotion

  69. Hair brush, combs or other hair care products

  70. Fun lanyards for their school ID

  71. Extra time for media (movies, game system, phone play)

  72. A new app download for their tablet or smart phone

  73. Chef’s Hat or Apron for the budding cook

  74. Rag dolls

  75. Bubble bath

  76. Small Lego or building brick kits

  77. Mixtape (their favorite songs burned to a CD or created as a fun new playlist on their mobile device)

  78. Bookmarks (homemade or purchased)

  79. Mom will clean their bedroom one week

  80. Music downloads (purchase a $5 gift card or download free using Amazon Prime)

  81. Pet Rock (make these inexpensively with rocks from your yard and paint)

  82. Temporary tattoos

  83. Tin Can “Phone” to play with siblings or fiends

  84. Homemade crayons (melt down older ones and pour into silicone molds in fun shapes)

  85. Dress up clothes (repurpose your old clothes or fun resale shop finds)

  86. Balloons (warmer climates water balloons are a great option)

  87. Glow sticks (multi-packs at Dollar Tree for only $1)

  88. Yo-Yo

  89. Air Dry Clay (to create their own “pottery”)

  90. Paint by numbers kit (print a variety online and put into a neat folder)

  91. Piggy Bank (homemade from an old canister, some fun magazine prints and mod podge)

  92. New toothbrush

  93. Personalized binders (add your own covers and embellishments)

  94. Seeds and pots to plant herbs or vegetables (small pots, a package of seeds and some potting soil give them a fun project)

  95. Hexbug (they are under $10 and just too fun not to include)

  96. Fuzzy or Goofy socks

  97. Stationary (make you own by creating a fun header and monogram in a word document and printing on your own)

  98. T-Shirt Super Hero Cape – Here is a simple tutorial for a t-shirt super hero cape on You Brew My Tea

  99. Pass to stay up later than siblings

100. Paper Dolls (Print your own or buy inexpensively)

These free or frugal Christmas gifts for kids are a great way to stretch your holiday gift budget farther!

Be sure to pint it to your Christmas board:

A List of Christmas Gift Ideas for kids - 100 Free or Frugal Christmas Gifts For Kids

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