Michigan Winter Bucket List in the 2018 Mazda 3 Grand Touring 5-door

Don’t let all the snow here in Michigan keep you inside this winter! There are so many fun things to do in Michigan during the winter months. I’ve started a Michigan Winter Bucket List full of ideas you and your family can try out this season. Plus, read about my experience driving a small car during a winter snowstorm. 

Don't let all the snow here in Michigan keep you inside this winter! There are so many fun things to do in Michigan during the winter months. I've started a Michigan Winter Bucket List full of ideas you and your family can try out this season. Plus, read about my experience driving a small car during a winter snowstorm. 

Michigan Winter Bucket List in the 2018 Mazda 3 Grand Touring 5-door

More Winter? No Problem! (Michigan Winter Bucket List Activities)

Here in Michigan, there are plenty of ways to embrace winter weather in the event that Punxsatawney Phil sees his shadow. We know a thing or two about enjoying the snow, and that’s a good thing since the average annual snowfall in Michigan is more than 200 inches in some areas! One of my favorite things to do is drive in the snow. Does that sound weird? Well, when you live in Michigan, you might as well get used to the snow and learn to love it. I was super excited when I realized I’d be driving the 2018 Mazda 3 Grand Touring 5-door, right after we got hit with a ton of snow. I knew with the 2018 Mazda 3 Grand Touring 5-door would make this recent snowfall so much more fun. Plus, living here in Michigan means enjoying all this great state has to offer, even in winter! Fight cabin fever with the activities on our winter bucket list!

Head to the nearest sledding or tubing hill. After a good snow, grab your sled, head to the nearest hill and glide your way down. Kick things up a notch by taking the family to the nearest tubing hill. What’s the difference? Snow tubing involves renting a tube at a resort, hopping on a magic carpet (think moving sidewalk a la airport transportation) that will take you up to the top of a well-groomed hill. Then, race down at the speed of light and do it all over again!

Take the family snowshoeing. You can easily get your hands on a pair of snowshoes on Amazon these days and head to the nearest nature trail, but if you’re not sure whether you’ll get your money’s worth, rent a pair and take a guided tour at a state park near you. P.J. Hoffmaster State Park in Grand Rapids, for example, is a fantastic spot for doing just this.

Go dog-sledding (or “mushing”). Take a step back in time with the family at Nature’s Kennel in McMillan (or any of a growing number of locations statewide) where huskies will pull you through the incredibly scenic terrain. People of all ages and abilities love these 10-mile and 20-mile day trips. There are even cozy overnight options, complete with evenings spent around a fire. You can learn to drive the sled, or you can ride in a sled driven by an experienced guide.

Take a fat tire bike ride. As the name implies, these bikes’ tires are made to glide over snow, so you can enjoy the trails, get some fresh air, sunshine, and exercise despite our long winters. While you can rent these bikes at most ski resorts and beyond, Marquette County is especially known for its fat bike outfitters and miles of well-groomed trails.

Go skiing. Whether your speed is more downhill or cross-country, there’s plenty of skiing to be had here in Michigan! Because you don’t need altitude to get your cross-country skiing on, most state and metro parks offer this variety. Tahquamenon Falls State Park has several cross-country trails, some that even pass breathtaking frozen waterfalls! The UP is hands-down the best for downhill skiing, though there are plenty of fabulous and family-friendly resorts in the mitten, too (like Boyne Mountain and Crystal Mountain, for example).

Slip and slide at an indoor waterpark. When you just want to stay inside, or you’re longing for summer fun in the dead of winter, head to any of Michigan’s fun indoor waterparks (and there are a lot of them)! Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, the 38,000 square-foot water theme park, is probably the best known of these. This place is more of a family-centered resort, complete with lodging, dining, souvenirs, and character experiences. But the biggest one is Avalanche Bay in Boyne Falls. This 88,000 square foot waterpark has falls, tubing, and even wave pools.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the long winters in Michigan, so come out of hibernation and play in the snow!

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 Winter Experience in the Mazda CX-3

Here are a few things I learned while driving the Mazda CX-3 during a winter snowstorm.

Fun to drive

Let’s face it, if you’re going to drive a car, you want it to be fun. I felt completely safe driving the 2018 Mazda 3 Grand Touring 5-door around town and in the country. I think I fell in love with this vehicle because it handles the road so well, even with a ton of snow on it. I’ve driven the Mazda 3 Grand Touring before, it’s still as sweet!

The 4-wheel independent suspension system is the magic behind it being an awesome road warrior. Plus, for the lover of 6-speed drivers, the Mazda 3 is for you. I personally loved the digital option, where it would let you know when it’s time to switch gears. Now that is taking technology to a whole new level.

Winter Experience in the Mazda CX-3

Photo Credit: Mazda

Pure bliss inside and out

When I’m in a vehicle, there is no doubt that I love to feel like I’m pure luxury. Even the interior of the vehicle was made to ensure your driving experience is top-notch at all times. The Mazda 3 has great features to help make driving even easier for you. I loved the sports seats as they were perfect for sitting and enjoying the ride. Comfort is always a big deal in a vehicle and the Mazda 3 nails that. Let’s not forget that there is more space in the Mazda 3 than other models. It is a smaller car, so keep that in mind. However, if you want a sports car, without the price tag, then the 2018 Mazda 3 Grand Touring is for you!

Photo Credit: Mazda

Technology is on point

Technology is everything when it comes to a brand new vehicle. I love to see what type of technology is out there, in new vehicles, and how it can make my driving life better. Since I’m driving in the snow a lot, the better the technology, the better for me. I love that the Mazda 3 has SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY. What does that mean for you? It means that this technology makes driving better for you by enhancing the driving dynamics, but it reduces fuel consumption in the process. In Michigan, not everything is right down the road, so being able to have a vehicle with low gas mileage is imperative.

Winter Experience in the Mazda CX-3

While the Mazda 3 is smaller than a lot of cars, it’s a great car to have in any climate. If it handles this well in the snow, I can imagine it’ll do great, even in the warmest climates. Learn more about the Mazda CX-3 by visiting their website. 

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Disclosure Thank you, Mazda for loaning me the Mazda CX-3 to review. All opinions and photos (unless noted) are my own.  


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