How To Start Saving Money for Vacations This Summer

Start saving NOW for your summer vacation or road trips with these easy savings tips! Get tips here- How To Start Saving Money for Vacations This Summer

Do you have plans to travel this summer? Planning on doing some road trips with the family?

Well, unless you think money grows on trees, you’re going to need some money to make these trips happen. Budgeting in advance is a real goo idea! I LOVE to travel and take fun, happy vacations with my family. However, I know I have to always plan, look for ways to save, and again, SAVE! If you need some tips, here’s a few tips on how you can start saving money for vacations this summer.


Start saving NOW for your summer vacation or road trips with these easy savings tips! Get tips here- How To Start Saving Money for Vacations This Summer


How to Start Saving Money for Vacations this Summer

From today on, save all of your change that comes in your house and look for change in various places. {Start by looking for money in your purse!}

This may seem like it is it going to be much, but you would be surprised at how fast change adds up. Get the whole family involved. Just to show you how fast change ads up, one year our family saved nearly $250 dollars in just 10 months in change! If you are only saving from now through, say, August, you could easily do $100 and you won’t even feel it in your budget.

Another option (which may be easier) is join Digit!

What is Digit you may ask? I first heard about Digit from my friend and fellow blogger Thrift Diving on her facebook page. 

So I decided to investigate into this service a little further. Digit analyzes your checking account and find ways to pull out a little bit of each month per day. This money is transferred into your (non-interest) Digit account (which is insured by the FDIC up to $250,000). This service doesn’t ask you how much you want to take out, they automatically take out a little per day based on your spending habits, bills, deposits and overall activity. At first, I was like… uh, hmm, yeah I don’t feel comfortable about giving my bank account number to a service. Although, I was intrigued by the idea of having someone automatically take a little bit of money from me each day to help me SAVE seamlessly. After doing some more research and seeing that this is insured by the Federal Government. It’s FREE for us since they make interest off of our funds. Digit takes no money from you, but while they are holding your money it will draw interest that is given to them (that’s how it’s free for you). I have just started using Digit, so I will be back to report on how this is working and working effectively for me! But from what my trusted friend, Serena suggested.. she loves this seamless process!

So check it out for more detailed information and sign up if you feel comfortable doing it. It’s a great way to save a little money each day towards your next vacation!

Start couponing if you don’t already. You don’t even have to do it to the extreme to find a great deal of savings. Whatever you saved, set aside for vacation money and do this with every trip to the store. It will start to add up in no time. Related: Beginner’s Guide to Couponing

Cut off some luxury things you have temporarily. Do you have cable? An extra data package that you can add and take off at any time? What about a month to month gym membership, newspaper subscription or any other extras? You don’t have to get rid of them permanently to save money for a short period.

Just cut them off until you go on vacation. Find cheaper alternatives such as streaming service, reading the paper online (which can be done for $1 a month in some areas!) or working out in the fresh air or at home.

Skip eating out for the time being. Most people are not aware that they spend so much eating out. It might be a tad more work to cook at home or do the planning and shop[ping, but it is so worth it in the end when you see that you may have hundreds of dollars you didn’t know you had to put towards your vacation! Related: Places where kids can eat for free/cheap

Join the 52 Week Money Challenge. This is another EASY way to save money, a little each week. By the end of the year you will have over $1500 SAVED. This could be your vacation money for the following year. It’s not a plan that will make you rich overnight, but it’s an easy and feasible way to save money!

What are some ways you save last minute for vacation? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. May 12, 2015

    These are some great tips.. We have done #1 for many years and still continue to do so. Just yesterday hubby and I were talking about this. Thank you for sharing with us at #homematters Linky party.

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