100 Items to Buy in March

Happy month of March! There are a ton of things you should pay attention to this month and what to buy, here’s a list of 100 ideas on what to buy in the month of March.

Find all the things you need to buy for the month of March. 100 Things To Buy in March

100 Items to Buy in March

Spring is on the horizon, so it is time to start stocking up on all of your spring produce favorites, Easter supplies, and other items you can find at exceptional prices during the month of March. You might think that with the major holidays and new year behind us there aren’t deals to be had, but the truth is there are plenty of items that will be at their lowest during the month of March. Here are 100 items to buy in March, as they will be at fantastic, stock up worthy prices. Keep your eyes peeled for these 100 items and you are sure to find great deals.

You can find other tips on what to buy in the Month of March (including stockup items!!)

Let’s first talk about the fact that March is Frozen Food Month. This means all of your favorite frozen foods will be on sale, and since they can be kept frozen, they are perfect for stocking up on and stashing away. Items include:

1. Frozen pizzas
2. T.V. dinners
3. Frozen vegetables
4. Frozen fruit (great for smoothies)
5. Frozen cakes, pies, and other desserts
6. Frozen juice concentrate
7. Popsicles
8. Ice cream and frozen novelties
9. Frozen breads, rolls
10. Frozen meats
11. Frozen snack foods/appetizers

March is well known for St. Patrick’s Day, so you can look forward to some of your favorite Irish foods being on sale. If you love corned beef, now is the time to stock up on this typically expensive meat. See how you can put together a fun St. Patrick’s Day party. You can also find these other St. Patrick’s Day favorites:

12. Corned beef {Meijer, Kroger and Horrock’s always have great deals on these items!!} Check out this Guinnees Beef recipe
13. Fresh cabbage
14. Canned cabbage
15. Carrots
16. Soda Bread
17. Irish beers
18. Festive/themed desserts
19. Themed napkins, plates
20. Green themed foods

You can’t have March without March Madness, and some of your favorite snack foods and appetizers will be at rock bottom prices, just in time for the games to begin. Here are some foods you can look forward to being marked down in March:

21. Veggies trays
22. Chips
23. Chip Dip
24. Popcorn/Pretzels {set up a popcorn bar!} 
25. Wings {be sure to get our popular copycat houlihan’s wing recipe}
26. Crackers
27. Cheese
28. Soda
29. Party Trays {get game day ideas on how to decorate}
30. Beer

With the arrival of spring, it is not too early to get great deals on those Easter necessities. Easter items you can find at a great price in March include:

31. Easter baskets
32. Easter grass
33. Seasonal/Spring home decor
34. Plastic eggs
35. Peeps candies
36. Egg fillers, candies
37. Egg dying kits
38. Easter dresses
39. Easter dress shirts/ties
40. Easter lilies
42. Dress/church shoes
43. Spring coats
44. Ham

Now that winter is on the way out, here are some of the clearance items you will find at their lowest prices of the season:

45. Sleds
46. Skis
47. Shovels
48. Snow salt
49. Snow blowers
50. Winter hats
51. Winter gloves
52. Winter boots
53. Scarves
54. Space heaters
55. Portable fireplaces
56. Fire logs
57. Fire tongs/equipment
58. Fireplace screens
59. Firewood
60. Fire matches
61. Winter quilts/blankets
62. Sweaters
63. Winter coats/jackets
64. Ear muffs
65. Ice skates
66. Knee high socks and slippers
67. Snow suits
68. Any remaining Valentine’s Day cards, candy, décor, candles
69. Snow themed home décor

Now the weather is warming up, you will notice that seasonal produce starts popping up too. Buy in bulk so you can freeze or dry whatever you can’t use. Options include:

70. Asparagus
71. Artichokes
72. Avocados
73. Cabbage
74. Carrots
75. Cauliflower
76. Broccoli
77. Celery
78. Green grapes
79. Red grapes
80. Grapefruit
81. Lemons
82. Limes
83. White mushrooms
84. White onions
85. Yellow onions
86. Peas
87. Spinach
88. Radish
89. Strawberries
90. Rhubarb

With planting season just a month away, you can also find some great deals on gardening items. Head to the dollar store where these gardening items and others are stocked up and won’t last long:

{get 7 Free Garden Resources to help you get started this year!}

91. Seed packets
92. Bulbs
93. Garden gloves
94. Sunglasses
95. Spring yard ornaments
96. Garden spades
97. Solar lights
98. Small flower pots {be sure to get my 15 Gardening tips!}
99. Fertilizer spikes
100. Garden markers

{Get 15 more FREE Garden Resources here}

Make March one that is full of savings. Keep this list of 100 items to buy in March in mind and you are sure to stock up on all of the items you see here for less. Remember to stock up when you see a good deal, because it may be awhile before the prices drop that low again. Happy shopping!


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