Weekend Getaways within Two Hours of Mid-Michigan

Plan a quick weekend getaway within two hours of Mid-Michigan with some of these locations listed below. 

Plan a quick weekend getaway within two hours of Mid-Michigan with some of these getaway ideas listed below. From Ann Arbor to Grand Rapids, you can find quite a bit to do within a few hours from the Lansing area. 

Plan a quick weekend getaway within two hours of Mid-Michigan with some of these getaway ideas on the blog. From Ann Arbor to Grand Rapids, you can find quite a bit to do within a few hours from the Lansing area. . 

Weekend Getaways ideas in Mid- Michigan

Traveling through Michigan is the best. We cannot get enough of this beautiful state. Michigan is one of those states that you have to live in to truly appreciate it. The Great Lakes, the cold winters, the quirky little towns that outline this state are the best. Sometimes though, you need to get away. Even if that means traveling from Mid-Michigan to 1-2 hours away. Michigan is full of fun little towns that allow for the perfect weekend getaway opportunity.

Weekend getaway to Kalamazoo, Michigan

I know you’ve heard a lot about this great city, but what can you do in a weekend here? Kalamazoo is a hidden gem in Michigan, but it’s only about a 1.5 away from Lansing, which is even better.

Where to Stay

First thing first, you need to decide if you’re going for a restful weekend or a romantic weekend. Once you have this decided, you can figure out where you want to stay. Luckily, Kalamazoo has no shortage in places to stay! Here are some of our top picks.

The Henderson Castle – This place is not only historical and gorgeous, but it also makes for a great place to stay, no matter what your reasons are for visiting Kalamazoo. There are even 12 guest bedrooms here, so you’ll be alone, but not too isolated. You’ll get a continental breakfast, access to a garden, and a chance to cozy up by the fireplace.

The Kalamazoo House Bed & Breakfast – When you’re planning your trip to Kalamazoo, one must decide if they’ll stay in this fantastic house bed and breakfast or not. I would assume that you’re leaning more towards a yes. This is a place that has ten guests rooms, so again it’s small, but not too small. The kicker about this place is that it is so beautiful and something you have to see in person. Staying here will get you into the heart of Kalamazoo.

The Rosenbaum Building – Kalamazoo is trying to be up on what’s trendy for where people want to stay. Perhaps The Rosenbaum Building is your idea of a weekend getaway in Mid-Michigan, and that is fine and dandy with us. This place is state of the art, has an impressive fireplace, and is worth checking out.

Places to Eat in Kalamazoo

Of course, you will get hungry while you’re in Kalamazoo. Have no fear because there are some cool places for you to check out when it comes to foodie spots. Our top picks for eating in Kalamazoo include Old Dog Tavern, Zooroona Restaurant, and Crow’s Nest.

Things to do in Kalamazoo

Things to Do

Finding a great place to stay, while in Kalamazoo is important, but now you may need something to do. A weekend getaway to Kalamazoo might include spending the day at the Air Zoo, hike the Kalamazoo Nature Center, or maybe hit up the Gilmore Car Museum.   

Ann Arbor is a beautiful little city. The appreciation for the arts is palpable. There are great foods, activities for families, and liveliness found only in college towns. Best of all, there are plenty of things to do that cost little to no money. Here’s a list of 51 free & cheap things to do in Ann Arbor.

Weekend getaway to Ann Arbor, Michigan

You don’t have to be going to a Michigan Football Game in order to enjoy the beautiful city of Ann Arbor has a lot to offer you, and it’s only about an hour from Lansing, Michigan. You don’t even have to leave this beautiful state to have a fantastic weekend getaway.

Where to Stay

Ann Arbor Bed & Breakfast – If Ann Arbor is where you choose to go, then you’ll love what the Ann Arbor Bed & Breakfast has to offer. You’ll be served a hearty breakfast every day, plus access to beautiful views. Plus, you’ll be close to the University of Michigan.

Bell Tower Hotel – First of all, hotel names doesn’t get fresher than “Bell Tower.” If you’re looking for a fun place to stay during your weekend getaway, then make sure you hit up this hotel. As you can see, most hotels operate around the U of M. This hotel has tons of amenities like a hot breakfast buffet, WiFi, and even freshly baked cookies when you check in.

Weber’s Restaurant & Boutique Hotel – Want to get away for the weekend? Ann Arbor is a close drive from Mid- Michigan, plus you can easily enjoy all this place has to offer. They even have dinner and hotel specials, so you don’t have to think about anything, you can just come and enjoy yourself.

Places to Eat in Ann Arbor

Now, after you’ve booked your accommodations in Ann Arbor, you may be wondering where you should eat. Grab a bite to eat at Taste Kitchen, Sava’s, or grab lunch at The Lunch Room.  

Things to Do

While you’re in Ann Arbor, Michigan, you may be wondering what you can do in this beautiful city. Take a tour of Michigan Stadium, visit the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum, or walk downtown and shop, until your heart’s content.

Pro-tip: Be sure to check out all the free things you can do in the Ann Arbor area

Weekend getaway to Grand Rapids, Michigan

I know many of you have heard of Grand Rapids, Michigan, but have you been? This town is so fun and so quirky! If you’re looking to head out of Lansing for the day, then you need to hit up Grand Rapids.

Where to Stay in Grand Rapids

CityFlatsHotel – Many would describe this hotel as being one of the unique spots in Grand Rapids. It’s noted as being an eco-friendly boutique hotel. You’ll find items like bamboo linens and energy efficient lights. This may just be the best hotel in Grand Rapids, based on the reviews.

Hilton Garden Inn – This is one of those hotels that has it all. Everything from a gift shop, hot tubs, and even a restaurant. A primary reason people like staying at this hotel is that it’s budget friendly.

Places to Eat in Grand Rapids

Are you looking for a delicious place to eat, while you’re in Grand Rapids? You need to hit up the Electric Cheetah, The Green Well, or the Real Food Cafe. If none of these will do the trick, there are tons more options in Grand Rapids to choose from. 

Things to Do

You simply cannot head to Grand Rapids, Michigan and not hang out for a bit. There is so much to do, but we had to narrow down some of these options. If you get the chance to head to the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, do it. This place is beautiful. If you’re in town for it, the ArtPrize festival where you can see sculptures, performance, and urban interventions. You can find a list of free things to do in Grand Rapids. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you find a weekend getaway within 2 hours of Mid-Michigan. Where are your favorite places to visit in Michigan? 

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