A Weekend In The Petoskey Area: What To Do, What To Eat, Where To Stay

Head to the beautiful city of Petoskey! Check out things you can, where to stay and places to visit - A Weekend in Petoskey What to do where to stay

Head to the beautiful city of Petoskey! Check out things you can, where to stay and places to visit - A Weekend in Petoskey What to do where to stay

A Weekend In The Petoskey Area: What To Do, What To Eat, Where To Stay

Petoskey. Unforgettable name right? I think so, and a single weekend visit definitely left an indelible impression on me. But that’s no surprise because this quaint northern Michigan city (with a population of just over 5K) is a favorite vacation destination of both in-state residents and out of state travelers, especially in the summer and fall months.

Head to the beautiful city of Petoskey! Check out things you can, where to stay and places to visit - A Weekend in Petoskey What to do where to stay

Petoskey is located in the upper area of the Mitten, the picturesque Little Traverse Bay area to be precise. If you’re not sure what the Mitten is, then I’m going to assume you’re not from Michigan. Here’s an easy and quick lesson. Hold your left hand out with your palm facing away from you, do you see that? Well, that’s the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. We’re the only state in the Union that is separated into two distinct regions. Upper Peninsula and the Lower Peninsula. Yep! I just gave you a geography lesson. Surprise!

Petoskey Area

Recently, I traveled to Petoskey for a weekend getaway. However, once I got I immediately realized I would need more than a weekend to discover this gem of a city. But if you’re short on time that’s okay because I am going to give you some of the highlights to put on your to-do list to check out.

First, as with any trip, you have to decide how you will get there.

If you live in the Mitten (or any of the 5 bordering states), then driving is ideal with the exception of Minnesota. We share the waters of Lake Michigan with the state of 10,000 lakes and are not connected by land, so traveling by car? Not so much.  Also, getting to Petoskey by train, plane or automobile are all fine ways to come and pay us a visit. So it doesn’t matter how you come because any which way you get here it will be all worth the effort, I promise.  Just do your homework to find out the best and most affordable travel option for you and your family. Fun fact: Did you know Traverse City, Michigan is the tart cherry capital of the world? It’s true. The wonderful Traverse City is just an hour and a  half southeast of Petoskey and they hold their annual week-long Cherry Festival in July.

Elvyn Lea Lodge Review

A place to lay your head

Recently, I had the pleasure of lodging at two fantastic Petoskey Area establishments. The first one is located in Boyne City, which is a town a stone’s throw from Petoskey. But before I get to that location, let me dish about the beautiful  Elvyn Lea Lodge.

If you’re looking for a spectacular, low-key, unique and off-the-beaten path place to stay, then the Elvyn Lea Lodge is it. New owners, Monica and her husband Michael, operate this one-of-a-kind Northern Michigan Lodge year-round. As you walk in you’re greeted with a big flickering fireplace and a striking hand-wrought antique Chandler overhead. Think mega-cozy plus impossibly homey. Around the fireplace, you’ll find a set of chairs that will beg you to sit, take a load off and stay awhile, which I was perfectly willing to do (and did). This is a great spot to begin your day (with a steaming hot (and potent) cup of coffee in hand, of course). or sit stay awhile, unwind and relax after a long fun-filled day. The Elvyn Lea Lodge has a wonderful way of making you feel right at home.

Elvyn Lea Lodge Fire Dining area

Let me set this up a little better, Elvyn Lea Lodge sits on 44 lush and verdant acres, so it’s secluded but without feeling like you’ll need a compass to find your way back to civilization.  The lodge boasts 20 rooms (two-night minimum stay) with a variety of room layouts and bed sizes. The lodge can accommodate up to 80 guests. Here are several more details to consider:

  • Private setting with nearby access to Walloon Lake
  • Close to popular restaurants located in Walloon Village, Boyne City, and Petoskey
  • Meals prepared on-site
  • Massage therapy available on site
  • Two comfortable lounge areas with central fireplace
  • Picturesque wooded trails and two fire pit areas
  • Landscaped 1.5 acre event lawn available for events

And although the lodge is in the northern part of Michigan high-speed internet (AV & PA available) so they’re gadget friendly. You can also bring your furry friend too because they’re pet-friendly too.  For more information contact the Elvyn Lea Lodge at 231.535.2475 or visit them online at elvynlea.com.

Boyne Mountain Resort Suite

I got a Boyne to pick with you

Okay bad pun aside Boyne Mountain Resort, located in Boyne Falls, Michigan, is another fabulous Michigan resort. For years, as a lifelong Michigan resident, I’ve heard many friends talk about going skiing at Boyne Mountain and staying on the resort property. However, I had no idea that Boyne Resort, and the surrounding area, is, in reality, a cute little city of its own.

View from top of Boyne Mountain resort

However, cute isn’t the adjective which readily comes to mind in describing the Boyne Mountain Resort, more like a one-stop vacation everything. And the cool thing about BMR is that there are different packages to suit your specific vacation needs. Boyne owns and operates many different accommodations, properties include:

tat ziplining

{I went ziplining for the first time! Totally fun!!}

So, whether you’re looking for a hotel, condo, cabins or cottages the folks at Boyne got you covered.  I stayed in one of their hotel suites, which had a comfortable King-size bed and relaxing spa tub. I was near the Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark and if you have a family with kids they are going to love it. You can also check out the full-service Solace Spa & Salon where you can go in wound-up tight and come out without a care in the world.  Yes, being pampered and treated like a princess can have that affect. But it doesn’t stop there, you can also enjoy dining at the Everett Restaurant and the indoor and outdoor pool areas. There is definitely something for everyone. Whether it’s just you and your main squeeze enjoying a romantic getaway, or a family with young kids looking for Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter fun Boyne Mountain Resort is perfectly perfect.


Once you have locked down your lodging, where do you eat and what’s to do in Petoskey?

When I stayed at the Elvyn Lea Lodge I had a wonderfully delicious breakfast that had home cooked meal appeal written all over it. The spinach omelet was delicious fuel to get me to lunch without feeling hungry. For lunch, I had the best rolls at City Park Grill! OMG, they are totally the bomb.com I even
tried to get the recipe, but no such luck. I did learn the recipe calls for some top-secret ingredients. Now, if I can just reverse engineer the rolls I’d be so happy.  You may also consider these popular options:

  • Red Mesa Mexican Restaurant (located in Boyne City)
  • Everett’s (Boyne Mountain Resort) Plus, breakfast is an all you can eat buffet and kids under 2 eat FREE!
  • Beach House Restaurant (Boyne Mountain Resort)
  • City Park Grill (Petoskey)- They have the BEST rolls EVER!!
  • Barrel Back Restaurant (Wallon Lake)

Petoskey Stones

So many things to do!

Talk about things-to-do overload. You won’t have any trouble finding something to do in Petoskey. However, you may have a serious problem decided what to do first. If festivals are an interest they’ve got ’em. Typically there are seasonal festivals happening in and around the Petoskey area, especially in the warmer months. During my visit, the National Morel Mushroom Festival was in full swing. It runs from May 14th – 17th.


You can also Hunt for the popular Petoskey Stones or take bucolic walks on any number of local beaches. Popular beachscapes include spots at or near Petoskey State Park and other beautiful shorelines in nearby Harbor Springs.

Maple Wine

There are also many wine tours available, so sample some of best wines in the country in the great state of Michigan. I tasted Wine with maple syrup for the first time from the Maple Moon Winery. And I loved it. It was unique and a delicious wine tasting experience and I highly recommend trying a glass or two.  And guess what? The Maple Moon Winery is the only winery in the world producing Maple Dessert Wine. Now, how’s that for a unique Pure Michigan experience, who knew?

Retail Therapy. Yes, they got it by the bushel

Shopping in Downtown Petoskey  I discovered some new favorite shops. I loved Grandpa Shorters, if only because they sold me some of the best preserves EVER!! (And used them in my ham & cheese muffins!)

Head to the beautiful city of Petoskey! Check out things you can, where to stay and places to visit - A Weekend in Petoskey What to do where to stay

I also loved grabbing a bottle of fun from the Traverse City Whiskey Co sold at Symon’s General Store. Thank you.

traverse city whiskey from symons general store

I also got one of the best condiments on the planet, some maple syrup and not just any maple syrup but some highly prized Whiskey Maple Syrup from my new friends at the must drop Petoskey original American Spoon. Talk about “Pour some sugar on me…”  This is more than a stop for sweet stuff, they’ve got way above par food fair going on beneath the roof, but like I always say, eating is believing.

Michigan products

You can also stroll through Petoskey’s Historic Gaslight District and browse the fares at antique and curio shops.  Did you know Smithsonian Magazine ranked Petoskey Number 6 on its list of 20 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2013?

Head to the beautiful city of Petoskey! Check out things you can, where to stay and places to visit - A Weekend in Petoskey What to do where to stay

However, one of the favorite discoveries was McLean & Eakin Booksellers. For those who love books (and cats), this is a certified jewel. This fine establishment is rated one of the top independent bookstores in the country. Let me tell you these people know books. They just don’t sell books. They are prolific readers who can make recommendations no matter what your literary predilections may be. And they are friendly too. Walking through the doors I was greeted like a long lost family member. So if you’re into supporting independent Mom & Pop shop you can’t do much better than McLean & Eakin Booksellers.

Head to the beautiful city of Petoskey! Check out things you can, where to stay and places to visit - A Weekend in Petoskey What to do where to stay

Whew! That’s a lot to cover in one weekend. And, I didn’t even cover everything! However, if you have a few days, I highly recommend taking a stroll downtown and eating (your inner foodie will thank you). They have so many good eats to pick from, any foodie will feel like they entered food paradise.

So much to do in so little time. But it will be totally 100% WORTH it.

Have you visited Petoskey before? If so, tell me what you love about it. If not, leave me a comment below telling me what you would like to check out!

Also head over to Petoskeyarea.com for more information and ways to plan your trip!

Head to the beautiful city of Petoskey! Check out things you can, where to stay and places to visit - A Weekend in Petoskey What to do where to stayDisclosure: Thank you to Petoskey Area Visitors Burea for a weekend of fun.

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  1. July 1, 2015

    What a great, very detailed guide for a Petoskey adventure. Thanks for this Tatanisha, for sure many will find this truly informative and useful!

    • July 8, 2015

      Thank you Ron, I had a great time and I can’t wait to go back again!

  2. Jenny
    August 10, 2017

    We visit every summer! Hunt for petoskey stones, bike the Little Traverse Wheelway, hiked and ran down the Sleeping Bear Dunes, sampled a flight of ice cream at Moomers in Traverse City, ice cream and taffy from Kilwins, camped nearby so we could see the amazing vibrant sunsets every night, ate a ridiculous fish lunch at Freshwater (forget the last word…but the fish and chips were sinful!)! We love Petoskey! Next year we are jumping off the pier into the crystal clear lake!!

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